ORGANO™ has brought a great many people together with its global network of individuals and customers, all unified by the premium products and the lifestyle of ambition. Pete Cohen and Hannah Bradley found promise within the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and looked to ORGANO™ as a perfect medium to express their drive for personal improvement and success.

They both had a common desire to impact the world around them and improve people’s lives. Their goals became manifest in the methods of ORGANO™. When they finally started accumulating customers and expanding their community, they knew they had found their fit.

Pete and Hannah dug deep and worked with dedication and commitment, finding motivation in each other. After two and a half years they reached the rank of Emerald. This was no easy task; however, as they had to put their ambition to the test and put more work into their building of a community than ever before.

To them what proved to be the best path to success was consistency. Keeping dedicated to detail and sticking to the simple things reliably is what got them to where they are now. They quickly cemented their place as reliable individuals who their team could trust and enjoy working with.


Both found inspiration in role models to fuel their passion. Pete personally looks to Michael Jordan and Holton Buggs, one of the most popular success stories of the marketing industry. Hannah sees inspiration in Kelly Rakowski and Sarah Moxom as strong female role models.

The entrepreneurial pair has set an ambitious goal for themselves to have more customers than any other OG Distributor team. They have a genuine love for the product and know so many who have moved away from other brands and now exclusively drink ORGANO™ coffees and teas.

New areas and new products are always on the horizon, and they look very much forward to promoting the new set of products that ORGANO™ is launching – catering to those looking to live a healthier and more active life.

Getting into the network marketing industry can be challenging, even daunting. Becoming a Distributor for ORGANO is no small task, but is not without rewards. Pete’s advice to those looking to expand their career into the profession is to stick to the four essentials laid out by ORGANO™. Immediate success comes from a steady pace and milestones being reached, longer term success follows the same path of consistency, they say.

For the two, the motivation to succeed is based more in their community than themselves. The way they impact the lives of potentially thousands takes precedence in their duties to grow their careers. Another point of motivation is from a dear friend, Ian Phillips, who was a part of the business and passed away. To them, it’s about continuing his passion.

Pete and Hannah leave us with the knowledge that the best is always yet to come.