OG Jamaica did its Country proud and let loose with a full-out celebration for the arrival of ogxFENIX™ shakes on April 8. We had an early sell-out of pre-orders and are working hard to keep up with demand! ogxFENIX™ shakes are part of the OGX Body Management Line.

The celebrations started early on April 8 with a welcoming to almost 100 incredible Distributors, customers and special guests. The first item on the agenda – OG’s famous Super Saturday. Blue Diamonds Edwin and Andrea Haynes introduced ogxFENIX™ to the crowd – explaining the benefits of the shake and how easily it has been adapted into the lifestyle of the burgeoning OGX community.  During the lively Q&A, people learned about great OGX recipes, the new online support – X4ever – and how to incorporate other OG products into the OGX routine.


In addition to Edwin & Andrea, other leaders at the event included:

  • Anna-Kay Lee – Ruby Consultant & 40 Star Achiever
  • Tracy Campbell – Sapphire Consultant & 20 Star Achiever
  • Wayne Edwards – VIP Consultant & 4 Star Achiever
  • Jackie Wynter-Hancel – Platinum Consultant & 30 Star Achiever
  • Oliver Mair – Sapphire Consultant
  • Orlan Richards – Sapphire Consultant
  • Andrea Stanley – Sapphire Consultant & 35 Star Achiever
  • Hugh Anderson – Sapphire Consultant
  • Patricia Myers – VIP Consultant

Jackie Wynter-Hancel was also recognized at the OG “biggest loser” having lost 28 pounds since October using the ogxFENIX™ shake and program. Tracy Campbell was not far behind having lost approximately 20 pounds and two dress sizes.

Jamaica OGX 2017

OG Jamaica also celebrated Floyd and Marsha-Gaye, who placed at the top of the Business Builder Jamaica Promotion, which ran in March. The promotion encouraged recruitment with Distributors who achieved a minimum of 1000 enrollment PQV receiving J$10,000. In addition to top builders, Floyd and Marsha-Gaye were also recognized as It-takes-2 Achievers on our corporate website.

But we didn’t stop there! In celebration of the Jamaican launch, ORGANO™ offered  two special OGX promotional packs — The Trim Pack and The Lean Pack. The Trim Pack features two ogxFENIX™ meal replacement beverages – one in a rich chocolate flavor and the other in creamy vanilla.  The Packs also included ORGANO™ Black Gourmet Coffee, a Weight Management Guide, a nutritional flip chart and a beverage shaker. The Lean Pack included all of the above items, and adds OG Green Tea, as well as an OGX sling bag and an exercise band.