Calling all entrepreneurs!  

Last year, the executives and ORGANO™ leaders together sat down and discussed how best serve new Distributors in jump starting their OG business.  The answer was clear – embrace the company culture and provide effective business tools.  So we went to work to create the ultimate promotional pack for the new Distributors – The New Ventures Promo Pack.

The New Ventures Pack is designed to stir the spirit of the Distributors by providing the most popular OG products to jump start their businesses and to introduce new Distributors to the OG Family with a FREE ticket to the International Expo in Las Vegas, September 2-3, 2017.

The Expo ticket is a new addition to our promotional pack – a $279 value. Co-Founder Shane Morand said it best when he began to grow his ORGANO™ business – ‘bringing people to our events allows them to experience our culture, as well as our products.’  When Crown Ambassador José Ardon was asked about bringing his team to corporate events, he noted that team members always have a lot of questions at the beginning of the weekend – but by the end of the event, all questions are answered and the team is fired up.

As for products – we’ve included the products in highest demand based on our leaders  feedback. We are offering two editions of New Ventures Pack with the following products:

New Ventures Pack:  Option 1 Qty New Ventures Pack: Option 2 Qty
ogxFenix™ Nutritional Shake Vanilla 1 ogxFenix™ Nutritional Shake Vanilla 2
ogxFenix™ Nutritional Shake Chocolate 2 ogxFenix™ Nutritional Shake Chocolate 4
Black Coffee 4 Black Coffee 5
Café Latte 4 Café Latte 5
King of Coffee 2 King of Coffee 4
Mocha 1 Mocha 3
Spore Powder 1 Supreme 3
Ganoderma Lucidum 1 Spore Powder 2
Mycelium 1 Ganoderma Lucidum 2
Grapeseed Oil 1 Mycelium 2
G3 Beauty Soap 1 Grapeseed Oil 2
FREE Flip Chart (Tell the Story) 1 G3 Beauty Soap 3
Business Tools Coupon $100 (Buyer) 1 FREE Flip Chart (Tell the Story) 1
    EXPO Convention Ticket (Buyer) 1


We quietly started the New Ventures promotion at the end of May to gauge demand – and were so happy with the response that we created more New Ventures Packs for the month of June.  So be sure to grab yours before the quantities are gone!

As Shane famously says … don’t do it now, do it right now.