Summer is happy time. There’s picnics, family gathers, festivals, and all sorts of activities going on. Summer is also a busy time, where it can seem overwhelming to always have tasty — but still healthy — beverages available. While you’re running from soccer practice to that family reunion, it can be tempting to pull thru that chain’s drive-thru to get an energy boost. Those speciality coffee and tea drinks from the drive-thru are often loaded with sugar and additives — not to mention the hole it’s putting in your wallet.

Lucky for you, we have solutions!! ORGANO™has coffee and teas that come in convenient, individual-sized sachets. Just mix with water and you have gourmet, nutrient-rich, delicious coffee on-the-go.

Sachets are also the perfect way to spread knowledge about ORGANO™ products to potential new customers.  When that friend at a cookout sees you mix up a beautiful, creamy ORGANO™ Café Latte by just adding water — they are going to be intrigued! Each sachet is an opportunity to get another person hooked on the taste and health benefits of ORGANO™ beverages.


These are just a few of the places you can take your ORGANO™ sachets this summer:


  • Traveling. Heading to the ORGANO™ EXPO in Las Vegas this year? Don’t suffer through airport coffee or that sludge they serve on the plane. Come stocked and prepared with plenty of ORGANO™  sachets to achieve gourmet taste instantly. Share with your seatmate, you’ll both need a pick-me-up after being sardined so closely together on the flight. You can avoid small talk by sharing how ORGANO™ could help them build their own business too!
  • Picnic in the park. Pack up the bunch and head to park. Make sure to pack some bottle water and some ORGANO™ Black Ice tea for a refreshing treat.
  • Road Trip. When you’re putting together the snacks for the car, throw in some ORGANO™ sachets. You can skip sugary sodas and gas station coffee by mixing up some ORGANO™ black coffee or an organic Green Tea tea instead.
  • Family Vacation. When you wake up in a hotel far from home, you need quality coffee to get you going. The sad, instant coffee many places offer just isn’t going to cut it. Bring the comforts of home with you and pack ORGANO™ sachets, we recommend the versatile Black or King of Coffee for an organic, gourmet coffee experience. .
  • Camping. There’s nothing more convenient than ORGANO™ sachets while camping. You don’t have to have extra tools or appliances to make the perfect cup of coffee — you just need water. Fellow campers will be impressed by your resourcefulness and you might make a new customer or two.
  • Cookout or BBQ. Summer is the time for cookouts — that need quality beverages. ORGANO™ Café Mocha will pair well with those smoked ribs.
  • Child Carpool. Keep yourself sane and properly caffeinated by storing some sachets in the vehicle. Stir up some ORGANO™ coffee and stay alert while you’re carrying precious cargo. Hand out sample sachets to other parents — they’ll thank you for it!

There’s a wide variety of flavors to choose from in ORGANO™ sachets. From bold to refreshing, it’s covered with products like:

  • ORGANO™ Black Coffee. A smooth, bold, robust blend for the true connoisseurs of black coffee.
  • ORGANO™ King of Coffee. The only instant coffee in the world powered with rare Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. Rich and robust flavor you won’t find with any other instant coffee.
  • ORGANO™ Café Latte. The finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and Ganoderma are blended with cream and sugar for this decadent treat.
  • ORGANO™ Café Mocha.  A smooth, satisfying blend of rich chocolate with our premium coffee and Ganoderma.
  • ORGANO™ Café Supreme.  A lighter, milder blend of coffee that finishes smooth and creamy. Added Ginseng makes this a great mid-day pick up.
  • ORGANO™ Hot Cocoa. There’s something for the whole family with this rich, caffeine-free hot cocoa blend.
  • ORGANO™ Black Ice. Nothing is more refreshing than a tall cold glass of Black Ice tea. It’s naturally sweetened with honey and full of energy boosting ingredients like Guarana and Ganoderma.