Working out at the gym can be a joy — especially if you’re getting heated up while it’s chilly outside. As we move into the warmer months of summer, do you feel your gym workouts getting stale? Looking for something to motivate you to achieve new goals? Find yourself staring out the window of the gym, lusting after the sunshine?

You don’t have to be stuck inside the gym to achieve fitness results. Summer is the best time to mix up the workouts with outdoor activities. The change of scenery can help you push past a plateau and boost your mental fitness.

Make sure you’re properly fueling yourself with balanced nutrition by drinking ogxFENIX™ and plenty of water. The added heat of the season can cause more water loss than you might be used to — that means more H20!

Try some of these outdoor workouts this summer:

Biking. Biking is a great cardiovascular workout that can be adapted to all fitness and skill levels. It’s also low impact which means it’s easy on the joints — and great for recovery from more intense workouts or after an injury. Here’s a great beginners blueprint for getting started with biking from

Hiking. Maybe you’ve thought walking wasn’t intense enough of a workout? Those of us that have hiked to the top of a steep mountain beg to differ! Walking is the most natural movement a human can do. For this reason it’s a great way to get outside and get moving with minimal impact on joints. Add in extra intensity by hiking in steep or uneven areas. If you’re new to hiking, check out some beginner tips from Nerd Fitness. If you’re looking to amp up the workout during your hike, try some of these extra moves to add to your hike (there’s nothing like doing ‘warrior two’ under a canopy of trees).

Swimming. There’s a reason people envy swimmers’ bodies. Swimming is the ultimate full-body workout for summer. Most public and private pools offer specific lap time during the day or week. Find a time to take a dip and make a splash with your fitness. Got kids? Chasing and playing with those littles in the pool is a workout in itself. Water offers a natural resistance that causes the body to work harder for all movements. You can get in a workout without feeling like you’re exercising by just playing with the family in a pool! US Masters Swimminghas a great article on getting started with a swimming routine.

Sign up for a 5k (or more!). Now that the weather is nice, you’ll probably find there’s an organized 5k you can run nearly every week! If running is not your thing, start out slow with a couch to 5k program. Running outside is a great change of pace from the drudgery of the treadmill — and there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from crossing that finish line. To find an organized 5k in your area, is a great resource based on location.

No matter which workout you choose, getting outside is a great change of pace. Continue to fuel yourself properly with a healthy diet, including nutritional power from ogxFENIX™, and maximize your workouts this summer.