You’re at EXPO. Energy and spirits are high among the ORGANO™ Family. Holton Buggs is on stage and is about to randomly draw a name. You close your eyes because you can’t bear to look, but then you hear your name. You have won the Key to Wheels contest.

And just like that, you’re life has changed.

But here’s, the crazy part — It really could happen to you.

Being an ORGANO™ Distributor is already a rewarding position — you can earn money, help people reach their goals, and lead new Distributors to the financial freedom that you already enjoy. It’s rewarding in itself, but there’s opportunities to gain even more.! This year, ORGANO™ will be giving away a 24-month lease to a C Class Mercedes Benz Sedan!

That’s two years of Mercedes driving time — completely free!

Qualifying for this promotion is extremely easy and the next winner will be drawn at the ORGANO™ EXPO annual world convention this September in Las Vegas.

To be entered into the drawing, Distributors must earn “keys” during one of the three qualification periods:

  1. March — May | Draw held -June 2122 and 23
  2. June — Aug | Drawing in September at EXPO
  3. Sept — Nov | Drawing in mid-December

All Distributors will earn one “Entry Key” upon entering the contest, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Be an ORGANO™ Distributor in good standing
  • Be Dual Team Qualified as a Consultant or Above
  • Personally Sponsor at least One (1) new distributor (who purchases a business entry kit)
  • Remain as an active distributor with 100 PQV throughout the promotional period

All qualified Distributors can earn more keys by selling more and sponsoring new Distributors. Here are all the ways you can earn more keys for the Key to Wheels promotion:

  • Sell 200 PQV through a Bronze PSP to a personally enrolled distributor = 1 key
  • Sell 400 PQV through a Silver PSP to a personally enrolled distributor = 3 keys
  • Sell 1200 PQV through a Gold PSP to a personally enrolled distributor = 6 keys

As you rank up, you can earn even MORE keys. Advancement will earn you:

  • Rank advance to VIP = 4 keys
  • VIP – Platinum = 6 keys
  • Platinum – Platinum Elite = 8 keys
  • Platinum Elite – Sapphire = 10 keys
  • Sapphire – Ruby = 15 keys
  • Ruby – Emerald = 20 Keys
  • Emerald – Diamond = 25 keys
  • Diamond – Blue Diamond = 30 keys
  • Blue Diamond – Black Diamond = 35 keys
  • Black Diamond – Crown Diamond = 40 keys
  • Crown Diamond – Crown Ambassador = 50 keys

All Key to Wheels entries are in addition to the increased income you’ll be earning at each level. There’s really no losers in this contest — everyone is making more money!! To learn more about the contest and place an entry, please visit the website, discuss with your sponsor, or go to