The human body is a series of complex systems and organs that is pretty amazing. It’s able to pull in elements from eating and breathing and convert them into valuable fuel. The human body is also exceptional at ridding the body of elements it doesn’t need, through its own detox system. But as we continue to age, our bodies aren’t able to perform these processes as easily and require a little bit of help.

Through healthy dieting, regular hydration, and proper detox supplementation, like FENIX DX™, you can help your body healthfully detox healthfully at any age.

Challenges of Detox as We Age

Certain functions in the body tend to slow down as we age, leading our body to not detox as well as we would like. For example:

  1. Less hydration. As we age, our bodies are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. Research has shown that people’s sense of thirst can lessen as they age and kidneys can slow in their ability to hold water in the body. To combat this, it’s important to properly hydrate with caffeine-free beverages like water or FENIX DX™.
  2. Liver function. The liver has a tendency to shrink as we age, causing it to be slower to metabolize than before. This is why drinking alcohol can hurt a bit more the next day, as you get older. You can support the liver with certain foods or vitamins, like blueberries which have been shown to support liver function.
  3. Mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells. They bring in nutrition and break it down so the body can use it for energy. As we age, mitochondria function can slow down. Consuming plenty of B vitamins — either through food or supplements like FENIX DX™ — can help support mitochondrial function.
  4. Free radicals. As we go through life, we are continually — and increasingly — introduced to factors that cause our body to produce or be affected by free radicals. Our mitrochondria can be damaged from free radicals and an imbalance of free radicals might cause premature aging. Antioxidants — found in a wide variety of foods and supplements like FENIX DX™ and ORGANO™ Organic Green Tea  — can help restore the balance in the body.

FENIX DX™ at Any Age

Finding the proper nutrition and supplements can be a key factor in aiding the body’s natural detox process. FENIX DX™ contains a wide variety of healthy and safe ingredients to support the body’s digestive and detox systems. Not only is it loaded with B Vitamins and powerful botanicals — it’s also low in sugar and caffeine free. You can feel supported and safe utilizing FENIX DX™  as a part of a healthy lifestyle — no matter your age.



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