There are plenty of well-known, established reasons to lose weight. You’ll feel better. Look better in your clothes. And improve your overall health. In addition to that though, there are a few unexpected benefits of losing weight that you may not have considered.

These additional, surprise benefits of losing weight could be more motivating fuel to embark on your weight loss journey with ORGANO™ OGX™ body management system and the X Challenge. With OG, you’re never alone! Join our ever growing X4Ever community; where you can get tips on how to live an #X4Ever lifestyle.

5 Surprising Benefits of Losing Weight

    1. You’ll sleep better. Excess weight is a significant contributor to sleep disorders like sleep apnea and chronic snoring. Studies have shown than even just a 10% weight loss can dramatically improve sleep apnea symptoms.
    2. Your memory could improve.  Losing weight could help you remember names at dinner parties and enjoy your golden years more fully.  A swedish study showed measurable improves in memory function of overweight women after undergoing a weight loss program. While being overweight has been linked mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and even degenerative mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    3. You’ll boost your self-esteem. One of the biggest benefits of losing weight can be the new found confidence you have — not just in your new body, but in your sense of self-esteem. Multiple studies have linked weight loss with an improved psychological state, including improved self-esteem. Not only can weight loss help you feel more comfortable in your body, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving goals helps to boost self-esteem as well.
    4. You’ll have better relationships. It’s an unfortunate problem in society that overweight individuals are often discriminated against — in the workplace, as romantic prospects, and in social interactions. While you shouldn’t attach yourself worth entirely to your weight, losing weight can help your relationships and social interaction. If you’re in a romantic relationship, losing weight could also help spike your libido — and lead to better relationship satisfaction. As a parent and friend, losing weight could mean better moods and more energy — all contributing to better bonds overall.
    5. You’ll save money. While you lose weight, your wallet might just get fatter. According to a report from Health Affairs, healthy weight people spend as much as 42% less on medical bills and health expenses than overweight peers. On average, obese people could save nearly $1,500 a year by slimming down.

No matter your motivation for losing weight, the studies don’t lie — it has lots of benefits. You’ll feel better, be healthier, and maybe experience some extra perks. There’s no reason to delay starting the ORGANO™ OGX™ body management system and an X4Ever lifestyle.



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