Changing your lifestyle can be simple — perhaps not easy — but it can be simple with the right tools and support. Jumpstart lifestyle changes by creating new habits and finding a program that works for you. The X4Ever lifestyle could be the secret to changing your lifestyle and the X Challenge could be the way to jump in head first to a healthier life.

Tips for Changing Your Lifestyle — Rather than Failing your Resolutions

Make it easy on yourself. The most important part of any positive lifestyle change is that you actually stick to it. So set yourself up for success rather than failure, by making it easy. If you have to make elaborate, time-consuming meals and workout for 2 hours every single day — you may not be able to stick to you new goals. Instead, make it easy by just swapping out one or two meals a day with a OGX FENIX™ nutritional shake. The majority of your meals are already accounted for. Anything you can do to make your life easier, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Measure your progress. How can you celebrate your success if you don’t define it? Set achievable, measurable goals to help you find a sense of accomplishment and keep your forward momentum. With the X4Ever program, the goals are built into the program. Lose 10 pounds? Upload photos to the community and you’ll get social media recognition and rewards like ORGANO™ swag like t-shirts and vacation.

Don’t assign a stop date. The week long or month long challenges can be a way to jumpstart new habits, but what happens after the 30 days are up? Can you continue the extreme lifestyle forever? Do you start over? The beauty of the X4Ever program is that while you set solid goals — there is always another goal on the horizon. This keeps you engaged and motivated to change your lifestyle for good — not just for a month.

To learn more about the X4Ever lifestyle and X Challenge, check out Skip the new year’s resolution and start today — start changing your lifestyle.



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