Picture this. You were an average healthy person throughout the year, but then December came. You got invited to several Christmas parties and, as any other person that enjoys the holidays, you ended up gaining some extra pounds. The day after Christmas you decided that it was time to get healthy again, and your New Year’s resolution was that you’d be losing that extra weight at the gym. You were doing great for the first two weeks, but then you started getting tired, bored, or frustrated, and you ended up quitting your resolution by the beginning of February.

While this story might sound sadly familiar to you, the fact is, you are not alone. Most New Year’s resolutions fail by February for several reasons. However, there’s no reason to give up yet. If you have a realistic goal and a defined plan, there are still dozens of ways to keep you motivated in achieving what you want.

Because of February is the month of love, OG brings for you five effective exercises you can do with your partner. Apart from having a fun time, sharing common goals will help you both stay committed to your OGX Workout routine, as you’ll be giving each other the support and motivation to keep going.

Band Front Squats

You’ll have to keep moving at a constant rhythm to make the workout effective. This means you and your couple will force each other not stop, slow down or speed up.

Reverse Lunge

Having a couple for this workout is a great advantage. While one of you does the lounge, the other one takes care that their partner is keeping their back straight. Posture is essential for this workout to be effective.


As simple as it sounds, running with your partner is way better than doing it by yourself. Find a speed that is challenging for both of you. Once you get used to it, keep fixing new speed goals.

Split Squats

Put an extra challenge to these squats by adding some weights to the routine. Have one of you resting while the other one does the exercise. That way, your partner can watch over you, so you don’t get hurt while lifting that extra weight.

Hip Bridge

This workout is a combination of strength and flexibility. Challenge each other and see if you can maintain that posture for as long as your partner.

By fixing common goals, you and your partner share the X4Ever lifestyle to achieve your resolutions. Choose your favourite exercises and find a time to do them side by side. You can also find ways to share the meal replacements and supplements throughout the day: get inspired by the winners of the X Contest  or experiment with our Fenix XT and DX Mix ideas to add some new beverages to your health recipe book.



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