Ready to Fuel your Fenix once again? How about doing it with a new reward program that encourages you to beat the X Challenge? Well, we have great news!

Our new Fuel Your Fenix program is here, and with some easy steps you can enroll or continue with the X Challenge and get some more rewards just by losing weight and recording your testimonials!

Remember the X Challenge is much more than just a workout and meal program. It’s designed to turn you into the best version of yourself so that you can live a better lifestyle. It challenges you every day to realize how much you can achieve when following a healthier path with the motivation of some fantastic products.


          For May, June, July, and August, ORGANO™ launches the Fuel Your Fenix reward program to help you get more of these great products and live the life you deserve!

All you need to do is sign up for the X Challenge, if you haven’t yet, and record your weight and weekly testimonials on the platform. As easy as that, and without any necessary purchase!

After you enter your information every week, you’ll be automatically entered into our monthly draw and will get the chance to win a one-month supply of OG’s weight management products!

What does the prize include?

Are you ready to beat the X Challenge and win a month supply of the best line of weight management products? Log into the challenge and start recording your weight and testimonials. Remember: You’ll receive one draw ticket for each weekly testimony you provide, so start now and win new prizes from May to August plus the dozens of rewards the X Challenge already gives to you!



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