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Preparing Your Home and Life for a SISEL Safe New Year
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Here we are in a New Year. Have you looked into SISEL International yet?

May I ask why not?

It is FREE to check out. FREE to read about. FREE even to ask any questions you may have.

Check it out here:

SISEL takes your health seriously. The SISEL Safe seal represents their commitment to develop and manufacture only the most powerful, safe, and effective products which are free of potentially harmful ingredients.

Do you know the chemicals your family encounters every day?

Many health and beauty products contain potentially harmful ingredients. Your body can absorb and accumulate these chemicals; most of whatever you rub on your skin will end up in your bloodstream, traveling throughout your body and landing in delicate organs. When you add up daily exposure over the course of a lifetime, it is startling!

This is SISEL's promise to you.

SISEL won’t use controversial, potentially harmful ingredients in their products. In fact, their mission is to hold themselves to the highest possible standard of ingredient integrity. They will always give you the safest, most-effective, non-toxic ingredients to keep your life and family SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY.

Here is Tom Mower himself telling you ALL about it:

SISEL makes it easy and worry-free to keep your homes free from potentially harmful ingredients!

Here's how to convert your household into a SISEL Safe home:

1. Read the labels on your existing products. Make a list of those items that contain potentially harmful ingredients.

2. Beginning with products which may pose the highest risk to your family's health, prioritize your list.

3. Replace the items on your list with SISEL products (visit or contact your representative).

To learn more, download our Home safety brochure and SiselSafe checklist, and begin to transform your home into a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.

Don't you want your family safe? Just check it out. You will be highly surprised.

Darleen Lanham

Because It's All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better

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8/5/2012  The Power of Music
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5/21/2012  Difficulty Focusing on Daily Tasks
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5/15/2012  Showing Their True Colors
5/14/2012  Click It or Ticket It
5/13/2012  A Gift For A Mother
5/12/2012  A Mother is Born
5/11/2012  Be Yourself and Connect With Others
5/11/2012  Being in the United States
5/10/2012  Stunned By Police Brutality
5/9/2012  Memories of a Barefoot Pied Piper
5/9/2012  SISEL Takes Health Seriously
5/8/2012  Copy and Paste My Thoughts
5/7/2012  Gut Feelings
5/6/2012  Fishing Bobber For a Lip Ring
5/4/2012  I Will Be With You Every Step of the Way
5/4/2012  Just One Bad Day Away
5/3/2012  Off The Cuff, Just For You
5/1/2012  Show Me The Money
4/30/2012  Open Your Mind to Other Opportunities
4/30/2012  You Should Be Dancing
4/28/2012  Sharing is Caring
4/27/2012  Inquiring Minds Want to Know
4/27/2012  Get Your Head Out of the Clouds
4/26/2012  An Official Taste Testing Experience
4/26/2012  How Do You Wish To Be Remembered?
4/24/2012  Why is it Important to Blog
4/21/2012  SPRING FEVER
4/17/2012  CloudZow President Bob Wood
4/16/2012  SISEL - Telomeres - Reverse Aging and Your Biological Clock
4/14/2012  Keep On Keeping On
4/13/2012  SISEL is Taking the World by Storm
4/12/2012  Surveys Want to Know - Sharing Your Why
4/11/2012  Defining Success
4/10/2012  Is That a Cloud in the Sky? - CloudZow Has Arrived
4/9/2012  Dedicated to the Real Leaders
4/6/2012  Sometimes, people just want to make a bunch of money...
4/6/2012  CloudZow - Protecting Those Precious Moments Online
4/5/2012  Using AWeber? Are You an Affiliate?
4/4/2012  Water, Water, Every Where, Not a Drop to Drink
4/1/2012  Hitting a Speed Bump While on the Road to Success
3/26/2012  The #1 Skill for Home Biz Success
3/22/2012  Do You Really Know What Empower Network Does?
3/21/2012  Learning How to Use AWeber Autoresponder
3/21/2012  Daydreams - A Step Towards Becoming a Leader
3/18/2012  I Got Back Up to Fight - You Can't Preach It If You Haven't Lived
3/17/2012  My Personal Opinion and Review for Empower Network - Dedicated to
3/16/2012  Something Big is About to Hit the Fan
3/15/2012  Spring Break 2012 - Plan or No Plan?
3/14/2012  They All Leave the Nest at Some Point
3/13/2012  Do Not Worry About Whether or Not the Sun Will Rise
3/13/2012  Anti Aging Products - SISEL International - Big Promo
3/12/2012  Hairy Armpits - They are Coming on Strong!!
3/10/2012  Do You Need Therapy or Does Your Marketing Skills?
3/9/2012  Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward - Fall Back
3/7/2012  Do You Change With the Times or Stay With What is Right for You?
3/5/2012  Sea Turtles Off the Coast of North Carolina
3/3/2012  A Lasting Marriage
3/2/2012  Is There a Time When Migraines Control Your Life?
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2/24/2012  Anticipation - A Motivation for the Future
2/21/2012  Spending Too Much Time Worrying?
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2/10/2012  TS-X pre-launch
2/8/2012  Start Each Day with a Mental Push Up
2/7/2012  How to Create a Daily Blogging Routine
2/6/2012  Air Pollution and a Pregnant Woman
2/5/2012  2012 Home Business Tax Information
2/4/2012  Engerize Your Life and Shoot for Success
2/3/2012  Self-Confidence - An Important Ingredient for Achieving Success
2/2/2012  Ground Hog Day - Phil and His Predictions
2/1/2012  You Are Putting WHAT in Your Mouth?
1/31/2012  The Cycle of Life
1/30/2012  Want to Know How You Can Activate the "Power"?
1/29/2012  Are You Carrying a Weight on Your Shoulders?
1/27/2012  Reverse Aging with SISEL's TS-X
1/25/2012  Are You Becoming Obsessed or Just Determined to Succeed
1/25/2012  Born 1930 - 1979 - So How Did You Turn Out?
1/24/2012  Dan Kinnison - "Wake Up With Dan" - Joins SISEL
1/24/2012  Special Boot Camp Training Series - Learn the Secrets
1/23/2012  Rouge Marketing Video (just released) - How to Make Your Business
1/22/2012  Live Webinar Saves Thousands - 500 Seat Room for $1.00
1/22/2012  "Real Time" Webinar and Live Webcasting Service - New to Facebook
1/21/2012  Find Happiness Within Yourself
1/20/2012  What Would You Do With the Time You Have Left?
1/20/2012  What's Up with WAZZUB?
1/19/2012  Feeling Wanted or Needed - Getting Others to Believe in Your Abil
1/19/2012  How to Get the Girl - An Empowering Feat
1/18/2012  Get Paid to Turn on Your Computer
1/18/2012  Love, Pain and Popularity (drama, too)
1/17/2012  A Miracle of Life and Another Reason to be Thankful
1/16/2012  Promoting Your Business on IBO is FREE!
1/16/2012  Is Succeeding One of Your Goals?
1/15/2012  Do It Anyway
1/15/2012  Our Will to Overcome
1/14/2012  Bucket List - Do You Have a List of Goals for Yourself?
1/13/2012  Trying to Decide What to Blog About
1/12/2012  Self Discipline and How It Can Lead to Your Success
1/11/2012  To Succeed in Life Will Depend on Your Desire to Get There
1/11/2012  The New Word for Life - DRAMA
1/10/2012  Moods, Music and You
1/10/2012  An Empowering Call - Listen and Become More
1/9/2012  To Do More is To Be More is To Succeed - It's All Up To YOU!
1/8/2012  Helping Hand to Financial Wealth
1/7/2012  Your Choice to Overcome Fear
1/6/2012  Committing Myself to Becoming More - It's About My Desire
1/6/2012  GOD is Never Wrong
1/5/2012  A Leader Now or in the Making - Share Your Passion With Others
1/4/2012  Preparing Your Home and Life for a SISEL Safe New Year
1/2/2012  The Day It Was Decided I Was to Live Another Day
1/1/2012  My New Year Blessings to You
12/31/2011  New Year Traditions - Let's Share
12/29/2011  Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge at It's Best
12/29/2011  The Fight Is On! - SISEL's Fit and Fabulous Body Sculpting Challe
12/28/2011  SISEL's Fit and Fabulous Body Sculpting Challenge for the New Yea
12/28/2011  Enthusiasm for Life – The Power Behind Success
12/27/2011  Planting the Seeds of Your Life
12/27/2011  IBOtoolbox - Targeted Traffic to Websites
12/26/2011  A Blueprint for Living
12/25/2011  SISEL = Financial Success in the New Year
12/25/2011  Surviving Christmas - Preparing for a New Year
12/24/2011  Isn't It Nice? - A Special Feeling in Your Heart
12/24/2011  See How It Started and the Army of 12,925 was Created
12/23/2011  Tracking Santa Across the Globe
12/23/2011  Santa or Grinch - Year after Year - Who is More Empowering
12/22/2011  The Design of Your Life - How to Handle Life's Situations from Pa
12/22/2011  SISEL Into the New Year - An Empowering Opportunity for a New You
12/21/2011  Empowering Content is What REALLY Matters
12/20/2011  You Too Can Become an Empowered Badass Like Aaron Rashkin
12/20/2011  Have You Ever?
12/18/2011  Personal Strength - The Secret to Your Future Success
12/18/2011  Believing in the Magic of Christmas
12/17/2011  Your Approach Can Influence Your Success
12/16/2011  Peace of Mind – Money can be Evil or Empowering
12/14/2011  Empowering Steps to Make Money Blogging
12/13/2011  Eternity can Take Back Your Life - Let Others See You SISEL
12/13/2011  Have the Right Attitude and Empower Your Future Today
12/12/2011  You Won't Know Until You TRY! You Must Take That Chance!
12/11/2011  My Special Memories of my Grandmother
12/11/2011  The Numbers Show It - Empower Yourself Today
12/9/2011  Reaching Out to those in Need
12/8/2011  Your Life, Your Decision, Your Future
12/8/2011  New Year Resolution - Who Has to Know?
12/7/2011  Keep Your Faith - Keep Your Head Up - Never Give Up
12/6/2011  The Server Gremlin has eaten my blogs
12/6/2011  Tis the Season to Be Better Than You Were
12/3/2011  Spirit of Christmas - Keeping the Belief Alive
12/2/2011  SISEL - Fit and Fabulous - Ultimate Body Sculpting 90 Day Challen
12/1/2011  A Story of Christmas
11/30/2011  The Reality for Some - A Daily Struggle
11/29/2011  SISEL - Top of the MLM Work at Home Companies
11/28/2011  Empower's Call Join Now - Make 15K per month
11/28/2011  Empower Network - No Guru's Here
11/27/2011  I am Happy at My JOB, Are You?
11/26/2011  Empower Network's Secrets to Success Webinar
11/25/2011  Empower Networks Epic Black Friday Call
11/25/2011  Give and You Shall Receive--Empower Someone Today
11/24/2011  Take the Time to be Thankful
11/24/2011  Empower Yourself with Money, Not Turkey
11/23/2011  Now This is How to Empower the People: $1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks
11/22/2011  Is Your Belief in Succeeding in Your Business Strong Enough to Ho
11/21/2011  You Just Lost Another Commission
11/20/2011  Have You Made the Decision? Are You in Yet? GET IN NOW!
11/19/2011  Empowering Your Day
11/18/2011  Work at Home Opportunity
11/17/2011  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
11/17/2011  Homeless, Broken and Beat
11/16/2011  How to Survive Life Situations
11/16/2011  Be Brave, Go into the Light, Empower Yourself
11/15/2011  Another Empowering Day
11/15/2011  Be Empowered and Make 100% Commission
11/14/2011  Take Time to Check It Out
11/13/2011  Sick and Tired of Not Having Money!
11/13/2011  Empower Yourself NOW!
11/12/2011  What Happen to my Weekends?
11/12/2011  Keep Reminding Yourself, You Are Worth Success
11/11/2011  Decide for Yourself (after you see the truth)
11/11/2011  Marching Band
11/7/2011  Life as You Imagine
11/7/2011  My Invitation to You
11/4/2011  One Option to Losing Weight
11/4/2011  Do You Question Life?
11/2/2011  Attitude and Your Health
11/1/2011  Are You in a Need of a Change?
11/1/2011  It's Your Life
10/30/2011  Diet For Your Soul
10/28/2011  Ghosts and Goblins
10/26/2011  Best Laid Plans
10/25/2011  Control your Appetite
10/24/2011  Are you a good Follower
10/23/2011  Burning the Midnight Oil
10/23/2011  Your Hair is Important Also
10/22/2011  Face in the Mirror
10/22/2011  Laundry Detergent
10/21/2011  Keep Your Lips Lushes and Kissable
10/21/2011  Wisdom
10/20/2011  Joint Care Products
10/20/2011  The Advantage of SiseLEAN
10/19/2011  Prepare for Your Trip to the Future
10/17/2011  Siselean and Recurve
10/17/2011  How to Achieve your Success
10/16/2011  The Vision of SISEL International
10/16/2011  Come SISEL With Me
10/13/2011  Benefit Everyone, Be Real
10/11/2011  Motivation
10/11/2011  Take a Moment to be Thankful
10/10/2011  Hold Your Head Up
10/10/2011  Through The Eyes of a Child
10/9/2011  Think Before You Speak
10/9/2011  What Do You Choose To Do?
10/8/2011  When You Change, You Will Grow
10/8/2011  My Favorite Place
10/7/2011  Are You Thinking Negative?
10/7/2011  A Change for the Better
10/6/2011  Do Not Compare Yourself to Others
10/5/2011  Don't Be Quick to Judge
10/5/2011  It Feels Great to Do More
10/4/2011  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
10/4/2011  Make a Promise to Yourself
10/3/2011  Live For Today
10/2/2011  Handling Criticism
10/2/2011  Handling Your Fear
10/1/2011  How to Get your Business Off the Ground
10/1/2011  Managing Your Time Wisely
9/29/2011  Your Vision for the Future
9/28/2011  Are You Really a Leader at Heart?
9/28/2011  Respect for Everyone
9/27/2011  You Can Make That Change
9/26/2011  Do You Have Your "Why" in Place?
9/26/2011  Mercy for Asia Bibi
9/23/2011  Serving Others
9/22/2011  The Answer to Your Busy Life
9/21/2011  Not a Fly by Night Business
9/19/2011  Appreciate What You Have
9/19/2011  Do You Have the Right Advertising Tools?
9/18/2011  Presenting the Real You
9/18/2011  We all must have a little Patience
9/17/2011  If Today Was Your Last Day
9/16/2011  You Must Believe in Yourself
9/15/2011  Change your past, Choose Your Future
9/14/2011  The Power of Teamwork
9/11/2011  Attitude is Everything
9/10/2011  Can You Walk the Talk of a Leader?
8/7/2011  Just Wanted To Say "Thank You"