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Learn from Sir Richard Branson
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Learn from Sir Richard Branson
When setting out on a new venture we usually have very high expectations of what success we will achieve. More often than not this turns out to be very wishful thinking.
In the excitement of setting up the business and getting our systems functioning, we tend to forget about the text books and just do everything on the fly.
It would make much more sense to copy others that have reached success in the same field. That way their successful tactics can be duplicated for a short cut to profitability. Most importantly their mistakes can be recognised and not repeated. This is probably even more important than copying successful practises of other businesses as it will save money which is a precious commodity in any new undertaking.
Sir Richard Branson is a man that is not just an entrepreneur but is also an adventurer with a daring personality. He is not afraid to take calculated risks and will not accept no for an answer if he is convinced his venture will succeed.
Watch the video below for a sneak preview of what makes the man tick.
Why repeat the same mistakes as others when you can learn valuable lessons from other people’s failures? Another common mistake is for new ventures to commit the same mistakes over and over in the hope that they will get a different result. If something does not work the first time, do not try doing it again!
Lead people by example and they will not only follow you but will actually want to be led by you.
Give praise where praise is due and people will strive to do better for you.
Be fair and consistent in how you deal with different people and they will respect you even if they are the transgressor.
No matter what kind of business you are in, there are a few basic principles that apply and must be adhered to. Do not reinvent the wheel.
Avoiding mistakes made by other s is a good way to succeed yourself but it does not mean that you will not make mistakes of your own. When this happens, it is important to take a lesson from it and make a point of never repeating the same mistake again. There is much to be learnt in failure.
Always be on the lookout for gaps in the market. The first to fill that gap stands to make the most money.
Lastly, be prepared to work hard. No business is immune to this. Work comes in many forms and the smarter we work the less we have to work.
Being self employed is the ultimate in freedom. You are truly in control of your destiny.

Get out there and make a difference just like Sir Richard Branson does.

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