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Miracle or mass hysteria? You be the judge...
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In our highly advanced modern societies there are still many groups of people who
have held on to age old religious customs and cultural rituals and beliefs

Many of these customs, rituals and beliefs put people in a position where they are
subject to activities such as chants and mass repetition of certain actions.

We know today that many of these actions can have hypnotic or trance-like effects on
the minds of the people involved, leading to what we know as mass hysteria.

This can lead to people behaving in ways that are not explicable to the average
person. In some cases where the societies are constantly exposed to this, the
symptoms can appear to be contageous, hence the term mass hysteria.

The sufferers of these strange afflictions firmly believe that they are suffering
from these symptoms and some even display physical symptoms such as rashes,
bruising etc. They see it as a miracle

One such controversial case of mass hysteria happened in New
Delhi on September 21, 1995. A hindu worshipper made an offering of milk to a statue of the Lord Ganesha which appeared to drink the milk from the spoon he offered it on.

Before the day was out, the word had spread throughout India and religious statues
were taking up milk all over. There were even reports of statues outside of
India, in the United States and China displaying the same phenomenon.

People flocked to the temples in their droves to offer the statues a spoon full of milk.

It was captured on video more than once.

By the beginning of October all reports of this phenomenon had stopped.

The only explanation that the authorities could come up with was that it was a form of mass hysteria.

There have been other forms of mass hysteria, people have literally danced themselves to death after dancing for days on end. In Africa laughing broke out in a primary school wjhich spread to other students and parents who in turn spread it to other schools. This lasted for a number of weeks before it slowly dissapeared.

Miracle or mass hysteria? You be the judge….

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Nidhal Ben Khalfa   1437 day(s) ago
Good Article: I'm also like you Dene very interrested in these awesome & strange phenomenons ! But, how even in the 21C there still some of them really !?

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