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Meeting the Need Instead of the Greed!
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Meeting the need instead of the Greed!

By Dev Brown

Many times we like to use a feeder program to get new

marketers exposed to our methods and team effort.

With a trusted team you have a greater success rate and everyone grows their customer base for repeat sales.
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Where else can you get a 300% return from your marketing?

Residual income without having to sign up for monthly auto-ship purchases?

When you consider the economic circumstances that are facing most of the persons which we are associated with you find many needs.

Our system was created to be a feeder for any other market but it became a Smash Stand-Alone Breakthrough!
 In just 8 months it has given over 4 million dollars to the members who have joined en masse!

We began with 4 payment levels but have added the $1600 and $3200 pay-outs recently.

We all may have continuing expenses and budgeting needs that we must keep in mind as we care for our financial spending.

Since we have these regular residual payments and recurring expenses it stands to reason that we might have the need for residual payments which continue also to be coming in to help us meet these needs.

Much is said of those whose income is on a fixed level but this may not prepare you for unplanned expenses which must also be covered in your budget.

This is where a One-Time Payment Plan can be an effective boost for our economic benefit.

For our family it has been a great additional income source.

Having the ability to enter with a low One-Time purchase and up-grade as we have built our customer base gives the leverage to increase our income without incurring any stress on our regular budget.

As with any business you will seek to build a customer base to create repeat salres. This is the leverage that is built into the sales of marketing tools, advertising, lead generators, capture pages, phone broadcasters, e-mail auto-responders offered by the Ultimate Cycler Lead Solutions.

These are products that every marketer should have to promote their business. They are offered by many varied companies online and off-line as well. We use the phone system for notifications for our church phone tree and can be used for any messaging purposes.

I am presently a candidate for the local City Counsel District so I can even use this system for political campaigning.

Many who have paid hundreds of dollars for these tools and software packages on the open market find it difficult to beleive when we show then that our price is just $25.

 Many have come into our business for the lead generator software and lead capture/auto-responder system which elsewhere they would be required topay monthly fees to use.

The real leverage comes from five levels of up-graded positions which create six cycles which function independently as your referrals enter into those levels.

Actually they are all funded by the original first level $25 product purchases!

Your business begins with a two-person team. Yourself and Your Sponsor.

Then as sales are made by your growing team you are paid 100% for four of the $25 purchases thereby you triple your profits.

300% increase is not bad. Where else can you triple your money so quickly?

Your goal will be to build a customer base for repeat sales.

It takes six sales to complete a $100 cycle.

The money is paid out 100% to the members. Not to the company. Not to those at the top.

All of the profit goes to the members who make the sales. Not to meet the greed but to meet the needs!

This insures that each one who enters the Ultimate Cycler has the same opportunity as those who joined first!

It is affordable for all since ther are no monthly fees. Your residual income is funded by the cycle system as your referrals follow you to re-fill each new cycle with repeat purchases.

With just six positions the cycles fill quicker as you build your customer base. As threy cycle through and re-enter your new cycle these are sales that you don't need to keep making over and over.

The leverage is awesome!

 Thanks to Peter Wolfing and his US based Multiplex Systems Inc. and 25 years of marketing/technology software-development experience backing the foundation of this system.

We can look forward to further improvements to this system.

Thanks Team,  Chat more later, Devvy

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Shelley Kuhn   150 day(s) ago
We have to find our niche and brand our business!Thanks for this post, have a great day!
Tom Rippy   150 day(s) ago
Finding the right market and product niche is important. Everyone online has websites and capture pages that they're selling to each other.They are of No value to the vaster market of public consumers who are at home offline.
Rich Savwoir   150 day(s) ago
Hi Devy that sounds very interesting
Devy Brown   150 day(s) ago
The digital products are great for using online to gain followers and referral base for larger ticket items or monthly auto-ship subscribers. The best products are those that have value for those offline in their homes. They have No use for digital products. Theirs is the largest market to tap into.
Dennis Thorgesen   151 day(s) ago
When you fill needs you find happy customers. Happy customers are more willing to buy again.

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