posted on: 2/4/2012 7:19:28 PM EST
Live Presentation

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Joion me this evening for a live presentation from our VP of Sales Holton Buggs with Organo Gold.

My goal is to work with apiring individuals to build an admired and ethical organization assisting all within to succeed in an ever growing, diverse, and rewarding industry for prosperity and security, strengthening lives, families and the communities in which we operate and function.

Sip on the information and let's brew success together.

See how simple and easy it is to build your coffee business. Win new customers, create new business partners and build an impressive organization based on a timeless social habit, a cup of coffee. Partner with the #1 leading brand of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Coffee and the #1 momentum company in the industry. Get involved the only company to partner with The Napoleon Hill Foundation and Jamaica Blue Mountain. We feature the leadership of an inspiring product innovator, a Global Master Distributor, and the #3 income earner in the industry. Receive world class training and support. Success is founded on a simple process, a simple concept, and a simple product. The opportunity is now to impact your life and those associated with you. Change your coffee for better health and improved wealth.

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