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I have found that people who understand
what this is...are really excited and join in

I received an email and thought it was just another  
one of those typical programs and dismissed it at first,
in fact I didn't even bother to look at the presentation.
Then I was asked to look at the videos, and out of respect
for my friend..I did..and boy am I glad I did.  It took one
look and a couple of questions answered and I was in.

I hope you take a chance like I did...let me know if you have 
the same reaction.

Friends tell Friends when there is something good...

Hey...you gotta see this movie
This restaurant has great food
Come join this club..it's great

We all do this because we want 
others to have a good experience like we did

What I'm about to tell you is one of those kind of things...
and it has to do with connecting people in a powerful way
that allows them to have more money to do the things
they love to do...
                 all by doing what they are already doing.

Let me explain...

We shop and use cards to buy things with, well...

Do you remember seeing TV ads for cash back on credit cards?
I saw one that was 2% that looked like you can use it anywhere.
Then there was this other one for 5%, but you can only use it at that store,
so it's only useful if you like that store.
2 % is ok...better than nothing, for doing what you are already doing,
but what if you could find something that was better and you could use 
to buy the things you wanted to buy.

Well....I found a card that gives cash back 5 different ways!

You are welcome to... 

1) watch a presentation on video

2) go to a webinar

3) continue with my presentation



Webinar schedule:

8pm Eastern time:  https://wscwebinar.clickwebinar.com/rcp?lang=en

Monday and Thurs...general overview
Friday Feb.28 4pm EST
Special update Friday Feb.28 8 pm EST
Sat. March 1st: 4pm & 10 pm EST

My Presentation:

Using cards to pay for things has long been part of
the way we do things, and rebates and reward points
have also been around for a while.  They all reward us for
using a system or a card.

What I am about to show you is taking this to a whole new level.

So, before I get ahead of myself...

This is what will be covered in the presentation:

1) Info on the card
2) Info on the club
3) Info on the 5 Rebates
4) WSC Non Profit Fundraising
5) How to get into this

  1) Let's Look at the Card.

Most importantly, the Rebate Card is an international prepaid card, issued by a private Class AA international bank.
This is the only prepaid card with a rebate program attached 
to it in the world, and it's part of a not-for-profit club.

This Card has:

No load fees
No reload fees
No purchase fee ( the card is not sold or purchased)
No activation fee
No POS fee
No merchant transaction fee
No monthly maintenance fee
No monthly inactive fee
No monthly balance reduction for non-usage

The Worldwide Club Card is an international prepaid card,
not a credit card, so there are no interest charges.

The WSC Rebate Card is embossed and personalized (raised account number and name).  Most prepaid cards are not embossed or personalized, and do not have the appearance of a real credit card.

The WSC Rebate Card is loaded with rebates automatically.

There is no annual fee for WSC Members in Good Standing: The annual fee is rebated back ( reimbursed) to the Member on each annual anniversary date of their card.

WSC Members have unlimited internet access to their prepaid account & unlimited toll-free telephone Customer Service.

When the card expires, the member does not lose the value loaded on their card.  There is no charge for a replacement card, or when transferring the value from the old card to the new card.

If a WSC Rebate Card is lost or stolen, there is no charge to transfer the value to the replacement card.
.....many more standard security features!

2) The Club

Now the card can be used anywhere where an international Visa debit card
is accepted...so basically anywhere in the world.  When it is used anywhere, 
members receive a card usage rebate. But we wanted to create 
a business/member referral network to bring financial stability to 
communities, and allow for additional rebates to be offered to club members.

How....by setting up a network of small to medium businesses who give 
special deals to club members and give rebates to the club that will be
redistributed to club members.

                                   it's win/win/win

The merchants get more business...
members get more rebates...
local economy grows!

This special 3 minute video shows how this system works
with affiliate merchants:   http://youtu.be/YimbA3sV32Q

It is important to note that this is not a business..it is a club.

Clubs have club houses, and when there are 1200 members in 
an area....the club will set up a club house in that area.

Membership in the club will give you access to all the club houses in the world.
We already have one in Calgary Alberta Canada, and in Slovakia.  Other areas 
are growing and there will soon be more.

The Worldwide Shoppers club, as it will be called in the official launch
that will happen very, very soon, has been in the works for over 4 years. 
This is the time it took to copy write the system, to go through all the
background checks for the bank, to make sure the program met
all legal aspects.  

What Do you have to do...

                 spend $100/month on your own needs...
                    something you are doing already
                       but would be redirected to the WSC card

Members commit to spending $100 US/month on the card
and there is $25 US for the membership
so...$125/month US or $130 Canadian 

The first month is $150 US ($155 CDN) to set up the system.
As previously mentioned, the card fee ($25) is reimbursed
to members who have been active for 1 year.

New: can sign-up with the membership fee alone: $25 US or $30 CDN

(contact me for more info)

I've had people ask...why would I spend $25 to
be in this club..the $100 is my money to spend...
I get that...but why should I do this.

My answer: when you get all the information
and see what is possible in the rebates,
you will want to be part of this.

3) Let's Look at the 5 Rebates...

But before we do this...let's define Rebate

A rebate is a discount or reduction on a sale price. It is often used as a
 marketing strategy to promote sales. Rebates, widely known as refunds, are a
 popular tool used by businesses to promote their products and services. Rebates are highly attractive to most consumers. They provide tax-free cash
 reimbursements for their purchases. Rebates are viewed as a reduction in the
 price paid for a product, rather than income. In essence, you are receiving
 your own money back when you receive a rebate from a merchant.
The Worldwide Shoppers Club is all about creating volume shopping
 collaboratively which creates the opportunity to maximize the amount of
 rebates that merchants are willing and able to pay.
The 5 Rebates:

1) Card Usage Rebate
2) Accumulative Shopping Rebate
3) Shopping Group Residual Rebate
4) Booster Rebate 
5) Overage Rebate

Let's look at these more in depth...

Remember, members promise to spend $100 on the card each month

Everyone in the club participates in the first 2 rebates.

1) Card Usage Rebate: 5%
   On the first $100, 70% goes back to you in a rebate: $3.50,
however, any amount after that is the full 5% back to you...
so $5 per $100 thereafter.

2) Accumulative Shopping Rebate: 
                                 Rebates shared equally

    Affiliated merchants give rebates to the club from member purchases.
  Rebates start typically at 10% but can be more.  Smart Essential rebates
 15%, and there is a QR Code business that rebates a whopping 40% back 
to the club.

Now..these rebates are totaled and 70% is equally distributed
among the club membership for this Rebate. 

Let's say a member received  $7.00 from this Rebate, and $3.50 from the
card usage...the would be $10.50..and now the membership comes out to
$14.50 because of these rebates.

Wouldn't you want to get your membership FREE and even better...
be paid to shop?

Let's look what is possible when 
            Friends tell friends when there is something good....

This section is optional, but when you see what is possible,
I can't imagine you not wanting to participate in these Rebates.

The next 3 Rebates come into play when you create your own
"Shopping Circle"...a shopping circle is complete with 3 members...
              show 3 people how they can save money.

3) Shopping Group Residual Rebate:

    The Worldwide Shoppers Club has a copyright on the only Global
residual rebate system.  They have spent over 4 years developing this
and are about to launch the WSC very very soon.

You start with filling in your shopping circle, and this circle is complete
with 3 people.

When you start the circle with your first person, you receive a rebate of $5/month, second person..an additional $5, and then add in the third,
and you receive $15..for a total of $25....

$25... hmmmm, isn't that the monthly membership???

But wait..if I have my $25 from this, and then add in the $10.50
from the first 2 Rebates.....well...now I'm getting paid to shop
because my rebates are more than my cost.

It gets even better...

Don't you think your people will also want to take advantage of getting
paid to shop?  When your group grows from your circle, you receive more
Rebates.  Your 3 and 21 more is 24.....the Rebate from this is $125!!
That's want you are loading on a monthly basis....get 24 and you are
getting that back each month on this Rebate ...and in other Rebates...
and this is looking better and better all the time.

There is a chart that shows what is possible here...

# members in your group:      Monthly Rebate:
                  24                             $125
                  72                             $300
                 150                            $600
                 243                            $1000
                 717                            $3000
                1173                           $5000
                2376                           $10,000
               10887                          $45,000 

When you have 1 person in your shopping circle...you get 25% of this
with 2 you get 50%, and when you have completed your shopping
circle with 3 people...you get 100% of this.

Another benefit of doing the shopping circle is that you are allowed 
to load more cash onto your card.  With 1 member, you can load
an additional $250/month.  With 2 members...you can add $500 - $750,
and with a completed circle of 3, you can load an extra $1000/month.

Imagine the extra rebates from the 5% card usage rebate, as you use
the card...that's a possible extra $50/month.

As you can see, there is a lot of value in completing your shopping circle.

Let's look at 2 more Rebates that become a reality once you have started
your shopping circle

4)  Booster Rebate: max $10,000/month

     The club gives you a thank you for helping the people in your 
shopping circle complete their circles....

When 2 of the 3 in your shopping circle get their 3...
then for any new completed group of 3, you get $10/group
to a maximum of $10,000/month!

~ right now.....before launch...anyone joining will be given help 
in growing their shopping group from people who are joining the club
from the efforts of the advertizing the club is doing....

I'm not sure you grasp what this means to you and your Rebates...
but as soon as you start your shopping circle....new members will be given to
you to grow your group, and that means more and more rebates back to you.

5) Overage Rebate: 
                        after the first $100 you spend at affiliated merchants...
you get 70% of what is rebated to the club for your 
                        additional personal purchases 
at affiliated merchants.
This is absolutely fantastic....I realized  how much would come back to me 
for supporting these merchants...If I spent an extra $400 ...I would get 70% of eg. from a 10% rebate to the club...which works out to be $28.  Then add on the card usage rebate of 5% of the $400 and that is an extra $20...add the 2 and you now have a rebate of $48!

Do you know of any card out there that does that for you..if you do...I'd be very interested in knowing about it.

Rebate Summary:

1) Card Usage Rebate:5%

2) Accumulative Shopping Rebate: equally shared

3) Shopping Group Residual Rebate: $45,000/month and more

4) Booster Rebate: $10,000 max/month
5) Overage Rebate: 70%

4) WSC Non-Profit Fundraising

An exciting aspect of the shoppers club is that you can create
fundraising accounts for registered Non Profit organizations.

There is a special application form I have for this that I can
email to you.

The organization pays a onetime $25 to get set up,
they do not receive a card, but must have 3 member applications
that will be their shopping circle that must be sent in at the same time.

The organization receives rebates directly to their bank account.

What is so helpful for the organization is that this fundraising
keeps on giving month after month, year after year.

Here is an example of How the rebates add up for NPO's:

# members    Residual      Booster     Month       Annual Rebate
      Active        Rebate        Rebate       Total          Total
       60           $250          $170          $420              $5,040
       150         $600          $400          $1000            $12,000
       400         $1,500       $1000        $2,500           $30,000
       1000       $3,700       $2,800       $6,500           $78,000

We already have a food bank set up for fundraising!

5) How to Get into the Worldwide Shoppers Club

In order to become a  WSC Member you must be referred by an existing Club Member.   

 Everyone will have their own WSC personal website
that will be used to refer people to, and the application will be
on that site linked to them.  

I can help you with this process.

The application to become a member is on the current website:

 Sponsor name: Duane Lindquist
Ashland, Wi. U.S.A.
WSC member number : 1-A003-920

please contact me at duanelindquist39@gmail.com

Join with us today...

  An earlier beta test revealed 1.2 million people have already
applied for more information. 

Join us today

Once you have joined
you can immediately start your own circle
by having your contacts fill in the application
and have them put in your name as their sponsor

Any Questions: contact Duane Lindquist 715-292-7715 (CST)
email:  duanelindquist@gmail.com@gmail.com  subject : WSC Request

Club Contact Info:

WSC Head Clubhouse
Bay 1, 2316 – 27 Ave. N.E.
Calgary, AB
T2E 7A7
phone: (403) 265-7761
Toll Free (877) 344-7327
Fax (877)344-7327

Thank you for stopping by.....Duane

.....on a final note: The club gives 3% to charities..I just love that!

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