How to Make $4000 in 1 month With Four Corners Alliance Group...
that's only your 1st month, it gets Much Better!

The 3 important questions that need to be addressed are:

1) cost

2) income...well that's $4000, so that's already done

3) what do I have to do

Basic Background:

Four Corners Alliance Group is a Simple Home based business opportunity
with all the great tax deductions you can have with this situation.

The Electronic products of the 6 sets of financial education e-books and the monthly newsletter allow this to be available all over the world...except for places where they can't pay them..the list of these is in the FAQ's, and it is very minimal.

People looking for financial freedom are finding a lot of value in these products

In Order to Make $4000 in 1 Month..this is what you have to do:

Register for FourCornersAllianceGroup.f's $18 and this includes the registration fee, and the first set of the 6 set financial e-book product.

After you have registered....go to your back office and immediately purchase the monthly newsletter $29.95 and sets 2 & 3 as well extra $35.

Your total cost for all this is $83..
which is pretty good for turning this into $4000.

One of the most important things you are doing is getting the 
Newsletter subscription, because when your group follows what you do..
you will always get commissions and bonuses every time someone new comes into 4 Corners.

When you get 
Sets 2 & 3 right away
it means you will be paid immediately for these products.

The sets are paid according to a 4 x 6 Matrix, where the people in a row buy that set number from row 1 buys set 1...row 2 buys set 2, row 3 buys set 3 etc...

The sets are a onetime direct sale, and the newsletter is the monthly residual income for Four Corners Alliance Group.

The newsletter commissions are paid in a 4 x 7 matrix..using the same people, just adding in an extra row for greater income potential.

For $29.95/month for the newsletter..
this is a very low cost Home Based Business

What Do You Have To Do Now That You Are All Set Up...

In Four Corners Alliance Group, there is a
 100% matching bonus income for all 
the people you personally bring into 4 Corners....
this means that when ever they make commissions, you make the same.  
This is worth a lot of money.

As mentioned, there is a 4 x 6 and 4 x 7 Matrix payout system...
with a possible 4 people in your first row.

Fill this row with people you bring in...and focus to get this done in 1 week.
This is totally possible if you make a commitment to do this.

When you do this, you will maximize the possible income from your personal Matrix,and you will get that 100% match on rows 2 onward..
this is very important to making the $4000 in 1 month. 

Your next task is to help your people do what you did.

So here it is in a Nutshell:

Cost $83

Bring in 4 people into 
4 C in 1 week...

Help them do the same

Results: $4000 in 1 Month

..and it doesn't stop there..if you continue in this manner for another week,
you will have $3000 more..and it just keeps on getting better after that!

Join with me today and let's make this happen for you 

(make sure I have your phone number so I can help you)

If you would like to know more, I have videos and lots of info here: CLICK HERE

Thank you for stopping by today..I hope to have the chance to work with you!

To your success,  Duane Lindquist.
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  info current as of: 9/20/2014
  info current as of: 9/20/2014