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Diamond in the Rough!
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It's clear that when we are looking for that special 'something' we want it to be the best. We look for it to have that one thing that stands out from the rest.

This is pretty much true in just about anything. No matter how minor or major it may seem, we still want the best.

At times we don't see the best in the very beginning, but eventually it begins to shine. It's at that moment we realize, we found that diamond in the rough!

When it comes to anything important in life, the diamond in the rough is what we seek. It is that prize that we all can appreciate at the end of the day!

While looking for the best of whatever we are seeking, we are careful to review all it has to offer. As for the motor club industry, Motor Club of America (MCA) is that 'diamond in the rough'. It is that one thing that puts our mind at ease no matter where we are. We can be on the road, at work, home, or play. MCA will be with you all the way!

MCA offers more than just -
** 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance or
** up to 100 miles towing

It goes beyond that!

Other benefits include -
** hotel and car rental benefits
** up to $500 for emerency room visits plus
** $150 per day you are hospitalized
** discounts on dental, vision, and prescriptions
** It also includes $50,000 AD&D
** and there is much much more!

So, when it comes to the motor or auto club benefits industry, I would have to say, MCA is the 'Diamond in the Rough'.

Start your benefts today and get paid for referring others!

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Beverley Griffiths   1297 day(s) ago
Great information. Thank you Lisa

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