posted on: 12/3/2011 12:55:07 AM EST
Which Company Is The Best Fit For You?
Todd Falcone, business opportunity, network marketing

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There are some really great companies out there with wonderful comp plans.
How do you decide which one is best for you?

It is important to choose wisely. You should want to stick with a company for the long haul and not contineously hop around. Dedication coupled with lots of hard work can result in huge profits in the long run.
Research into the company's history, their products and satisfaction among their distributors. Don't allow the compensation plan to carry you away.
You don't want to bring in team members only for them to become discouraged if the company's customer service is lousy, payments aren't made on a timely manner or auto ships are costly.
Does the company offer the ability to transfer your ownership to family members in the evident of an untimely death. What contractual agreements are you signing into? Yes, due diligence is a most. Every opportunity is hyped to look good on the outside. Research the members that form the company have some ran companies that suddenly shut their doors when they couldn't sustain all the promises made for instant $10,000 a month.

There lies the reason for much of the industry's mistrust. The responsibility remains with each individual to make a wise selection based on many factors and not just the fancy replicated site and promises.
An amature is quickly taken in by the presentation made by these snake oil salesmen/women, but one who is a bit more connected and seasoned will have more reliable sources for good opportunites. Thus good relationships built on trust and credibility will support your decisions so circulate at live events and get connected. Listen to top industry leaders they may sometimes recommend a product usually their own and offer an avenue for affiliate revenue to line your pockets.

Huge marketing incomes are generated from lots of know how and skills it you don't have that coming in the door, you will have to spend time learning.
Everyone does you just have to realize success doesn't happen without burning some calories. Instant success only follows previously successful people with a large following of loyal members whom has already proven their crediblilty to. This can be a hard lesson no matter how motivated you are at the beginning to see those amazing results your sponsor or recuiter spoke of.

Being realistic is the safest preventation from disappointment in this and every industry. Choose wisely and learn from the best.

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Victoria Foreman   968 day(s) ago
but then again, every marketer's situation is different. great blog. thanks for sharing.
Victoria Foreman   968 day(s) ago
hopping from one company to the other is definitely not the right way to go. even with a traditional business, you would want to stick around because it takes a while, at least 2 years to gain momentum and to regain your investment.
Margaret Peterson   968 day(s) ago
Great Blog.. If you open a brick and mortar business you do not shut the door after a few people do not buy what you offer.Just as a traditional business someone needs to give it 5 years (if working it part time). The rewards will be great!

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