posted on: 12/7/2011 11:08:21 PM EST
Would You Ask Some One To Marry You On The First Date?
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Of course there have been occurances when a long relationship has been building which finally lead to a formal date, and yes a proposal may have been given.
But, for most of us this is unthinkable. So why do network marketers present their opportunities so quickly to almost anyone and wonder why those who they have signed up do nothing?

Perhaps because the term 'relationship' marketing has been thrown out of sight. Perhaps marketers are told that everyone is a potential prospect.
Networking is a human exchange cultivated over time not a one night stand.
It is imperative that you are fully aware of whom you are asking to dance with. Let alone whom you want playing in your pockets. The difference between a doer and a non doer is simple but you won't take the time to analyze them before you start making future plans with them.
We make our introductions and run with 'I, Me, My Company, My Product etc. never really allowing the other person to get a word in.

You are the CEO of your business, and you need to present that in your selection process. Can anyone perform in a manner to reach your goal of top income earner in your company? Seeming needy and desperate gets reflected to your prospects and that isn't very attractive and usually always a turn off. One great thing that we all have the capabilities of is behavior modification. Modifying our approach to position ourselves with the most confidence and effectiveness takes open mindedness and a willingness to recreate ourselves with the right posture, that of strong leadership who seeks other strong leaders as a counterpart in the team not only a number in line.

We can then attract rather than repel and grow healthy business partnerships

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Pete Balasch Jr   963 day(s) ago
Great Food fo thought your so Right its all about Know Like and Trust
Anthony Mitchell   963 day(s) ago
This article is filled with experience!

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