posted on: 12/29/2011 12:05:02 PM EST
Stepping in 2012 With Success On Your Mind
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Generating success is not just about employable tactics used in your business model, its more than just learning procedures on how to build your organizational downlines.
Success is characterized by the energy one possesses, its an internal trait that is manifested on the external level. The ability to purposefully attract what you want in life can be learned by going deep inside of self to eliminate any self defeating attitudes regarding money, success, etc.
We can't let the seeds of what others have thought about us, have critized us about take roots and flower inside of us limiting us unconsciously and prohibiting our minds to actualize success.

Mindset is the most valued assest of any person in pursuit of success.
Preparedness begins with inner resolve, there can't be any internal conflict. As we hold on to many programs in our subconscious from our own toxic thought patterns and those of others and lots of times we are unable to even realize they exist. One way to know they do is when you employ all the right strategies and still you are not reaching your goals. You can be your own worst enemy self sabotaging your goals. There should be a daily routine of mindset training and excercises.

I have recently accepted the challenge of becoming accountable for changing the course of my direction. I have vowed to clear up any internal hinderances, eliminate any probable distractions that are sabotaging any achievement of my objectives by clearing and developing a successful mindset. Stepping into 2012 with success on my mind is the single determining factor for preparedness.

People, places and things must be examined carefully. Surrounding oneself with positive people and not falling into the habit of criticism is essential advice, however I have chosen to be mentored personally for 15 weeks in the millionaire mindset series. A Vibrational Money Immersion Home Study Course for Network Marketers that puts you in the drivers seat to gaining a handle on your future successes.

Accept the challenge to clear out the mental cobwebs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. You're only a click away from a future of successes.

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Roberta Hall   942 day(s) ago
Absolutely!! Must surround ourselves with positive people daily-Great post!
Trevor Rathgeber   942 day(s) ago
Totally agree with everything you said. people can be their own worst enemy when it comes to lasting success. Just get out of your way and do it. Great blog!!
Coach Kim   942 day(s) ago
Great write up Felice! I am taking away 2 words - "being accountable" - that is truly the long and the short of it - if it is to be, it is up to me. No excuses, just a blank canvas - and we hold the paint brush!
Jamella Biegel   942 day(s) ago
Awesome post Felice! No matter how much training one has, positive things will not happen without the right mindset.

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