posted on: 2/27/2012 10:06:47 AM EST
Gratitude, being grateful

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Giving thanks for all that we have, had and will have is a forgotten deed.
We all have no trouble making new requests but fail to be grateful for what has been already given.
The universe is abundant and as citizens of this infinitum we have access to it ALL.

However we must not forget to be appreciative to the source that bestows.
If someone asked you for something and you gave it to them but never showed any signs of gratitude would you be very willing to honor the next request?

Our potential in this or any industry is limitless once we decide that it is.
Our choices of vehicle are also limitless as we look at the vast opportunities that we all are providing. There is no need for cut throat tactics among us because we acknowledge that all have
the same ability to generate what we require for the quality of life we desire.

I give thanks for this platform, for the continued successes we all are making to benefit one another as we continue to learn and grow. Together we make our industry one that is a meaningful portal for achievement.

So as you lay your head down on your pillow remember to give thanks for all that has been, is and will be...sweet dreams ahead!

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HervĂ© Ndayi   577 day(s) ago
gratitude....very important PR. Keep shining Felice. Thank you for sharing.
Ron Barnas   885 day(s) ago
Beautiful post Felice, Working together here at IBO is a dream come true for me. Thanks again.
guerly joseph   885 day(s) ago
This is so nice, it came from the heart, thank you for sharing, have a great day. Much success to you and to us all
Ally Stewart   885 day(s) ago
I am truly grateful for what I have.
Jeffrey Totton   885 day(s) ago
Love it, love it love it! Thank you Felice for sharing this truth... You are a true leader & I look forward to knowing you... :-)

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