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Unique Personal Branding 2012
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Unique Personal Branding

The past few months doing allot of research on the network marketing industry, I found way to many duplicated ways of marketing strategies, marketing tools, marketing blogs marketing…..way to many people out there saying the exact same thing, in the exact same way.

Yeah yeah, I know, duplication is common in the network marketing industry, but come on people. Is there anyone out that really thinks they’ll become this big shoot super network marketer star simply by duplication?

Duplication by all means, but hey, I got some news for you. when you need to duplicate, do it YOUR OWN WAY, you need your own unique personal branding.

So I decided to make a write a series about what unique personal branding is, and how you can start implementing your brand.

In order for you to really understand and master YOUR own unique personal branding, so you can implement it at all time on your own, we need to take a closer look at the definition of personal branding and the necessary process.

Through this series I will cover



Then we will break down the process step by step in order for you to really master it and start implementing

•How to write YOUR personal branding statement
•How you create YOUR personal branding strategy
•How you claim YOUR expertise


Personal branding is a process by which entrepreneurs and individuals differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd, identifying and articulating their UVP (Unique Value Proposition) / USP (Unique Selling Proposition) both professionally and personally. Branding requires consistent leverage of their message and image using different platforms and Medias to achieve a specific goal. The goal is to gain recognition as experts in their industry, establish a good reputation and credibility which allows them to advance their careers, and build self-confidence.


A successful unique personal branding creates a consistent strong and specific association between the individual and the value they offer. Personal branding is common among artists, political, and sports figures. In business we have examples like, Steve Jobs, Tyra Banks and Bill Gates who created enormous personal visibility and success by actively promote their personal brands. Steve Jobs will show you how to come from nowhere to becoming successful. Tyra Banks will show you how to look good. Bill Gates will show you how to manage a business.

Unique Personal Branding mostly begins by establishing and inventory of personal core skills, competencies, expertise, attributes and demonstrated abilities. Questions to be answered concerning “Who needs to know about you, what needs do you best fill and finally what differentiates you from others in your industry?

Unique Personal Branding covers three key elements

Unique Value proposition = What do you stand for?

Differentiation = What makes you stand out?

Marketability = What Makes you compelling?

These are the key elements you need to consider (write them down) they will be useful to you when we start breaking down the process in my next post.

Talk to you soon

Liked my post, stick around for the next one, leave me a comment, share it with the world. It will put a smile on lips :-)

"When One Teaches, Two Learn"

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Tito Buduson   1472 day(s) ago
Great information about personal branding. I love it and thanks for sharing.

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