posted on: 5/22/2011 7:34:23 PM EST
Why people fail in Marketing just about ANYTHING...............

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I am just writing on my thoughts of why people fail at Marketing. The REAL Brutal answer is that they DO NOT FAIL! THEY QUIT!

How can Weight Loss fail if you don' go to the gym and follow a diet? Unless of course you are ill and cannot do it, it just goes to prove that you cannot fail at losing extra pounds, you can just choose to quit. That is just one small example of what I mean.

Now there are cases to where I find that most people get kind of enamored by the lights and fireworks of an offer before actually knowing how to earn or market something. They will get involved and quit, then blame the opportunity and their loss of money on failure when they just didn't come prepared.

I have outgrown all the childish things like Spam and cross Promoting to others and my people usually come to me, no cold calling, no hype, no small time BS that everyone in the marketing world twist their mouths to say and I especially build relationships based upon truth so there are no secrets. I am so brutally honest, that is how I am branded, The Brutally Honest Marketer. I tell the truth regardless to feelings but you can count on an honest opinion no matter what the question happens to be.

I am new here on this site but NOT new to the internet so if you are NOT serious about what I do and that is train people on how to avoid the pitfalls that are the internet scams, get to know how to market and make money, PLEASE DO NOT FRIEND REQUEST ME HERE just to make yourself look popular. I am only interested in SERIOUS PEOPLE who are just as serious as I am to make REAL money online.

You can contact me anytime.


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