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Snack healthy: Healthy Snacks For Kids and Adults That Actually Taste Good
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With all the talk from the first lady on the healthy changes kids need to make in schools to eat healthy, it's easy to say, but not easy to do. Example: the first lady goes out and eats a 1,700 calorie meal and says it's ok once in a while.

Sure, every once in a while indulge yourself with a little not so healthy snack, but come on; 1,700 calories worth? I don't think so!

Besides most adults and kids can get by with very healthy snacks that taste great in between healthy meals like SnackHealthy's delicious snacks. Parents, when packing your children's lunch or having a party, don't forget to add some great snackhealthy snacks to go with it.


In this age of convenience, fast food, easily accessible junk foods and snacks, and "I gotta have it now" mindset, we have created a society in the USA that is conditioned to want and need it fast and easy with little or no effort automatically.

I know from first hand experience what it's like to live in a city based on total and ultimate convenience, because here where I live in Southern California, and more specifically, Los Angeles, there is practically a convenient store and gas station with a mini-mart on every corner, and this isn't an exaggeration.

Prices are high on just about every item and most stores only have a few specials to get people in the door, then it's "mark up to the max" time after they have customers coming in again and again for their "junk food" snacks, and fast food garbage.

The convenient stores and the fast food restaurants know it is just a matter of conditioning and getting consumers to develop a habit that they take full advantage of, and that is conditioning customers to think of them first for their "junk food" fix to satisfy their craving like a drug addict would for drugs, and to get them conditioned and in the habit of automatically going to their establishment and buying.

Processed foods are full of the Dr. "feel good" carbohydrates, and ingredients that are anything but natural and good for you and that satisfy your "must have" carb, and sugar "fix". Get them "hooked" on a certain substance and the rest takes care of itself, and they keep coming back again and again, because after all, they need it now, and it's a "must have" or they will go through "junk food" withdrawals.


That's where Snackhealthy comes in, and to the rescue. Show people the light and the way to get some of the much unwanted fat, bad carbs and calories out of their eating habits simply by substituting healthy gluten and soy free snacks into their current snacking routine.

From my research, this isn't that hard, and you are just trying to get people that are already conditioned to eat unhealthy snacks, to make a slight change and make much healthier and wiser snacking choices. In other words, the "friction" is at a minimum and so the chances of someone making the choice go up dramatically.


It's well known that your body processes and absorbs vitamins, and minerals through whole food the best. Supplements are just that; a supplement and you shouldn't replace whole natural goodness foods with a supplement no matter how good it is, because supplements are just bits and pieces of what you get in real honest to goodness whole foods, and don't absorb nearly as well, and on top of that not utilized as well either.

Translation; don't try to live off of supplements - not recommended - but healthy food and snacks, because if you are eating healthy foods at healthy well balanced proportions, you are on a solid foundation to lose weight over time, and maintain it.

You can take all the "fat burners, and other supplements to help feel better and lose weight, but their effectiveness is minimized or even nullified if you're not eating right, in the first place, so first things first.


The health and wellness industry is huge, but don't let that blind you into thinking most people are "into" health and wellness when just the opposite is true, and this isn't just me speaking. The obesity problem among adults and children is so great even Mrs. Obama is speaking out about it, and speaking all other the place about better food choices, even to the point of making dramatic changes in what is being served in our Nation's school's.

Again, one very simple and easy change that doesn't change most people's eating habits is, just to snack healthier and it's a great small step in the right direction. Because a wise man once told me, inch by inch, life is a sinch, yard by yard life is hard, so start snacking healthy today, and share the knowledge with your friends, family and business associates still snacking the unhealthy way for a quick burst of energy, only to have their energy levels crashing down 20 to 30 minutes later.


Don't try to change people, that's their duty, just show them a better way to do things without having to change much if anything they do. Like snacking, most people eat snacks that are way too full of processed sugars, high fructose corn syrup and other junk. Many of the ingredients in junk snacks cost the manufacturer less than a dollar per ton.

Yes, I said TON. Go figure why they sell the stuff to you like "junk dealers". Now get wise to it, and do something about it without having to change much. Simply switch to healthy gluten and soy free snacks from Snackhealthy and look and feel your best knowing your are snacking healthy.

P.S. True story: I have been a workout nut for decades now, and I used to sell this juice in a bottle and was even giving bottles away in a drawing for leads in a LA Fitness here North of main down town Los Angeles.

I shared the juice with tons of people there at the LA fitness, and most (even die hard body builders and fitness coaches) told me, "no thanks, I don't take supplements, I just eat right." However I did see many of them snacking and buying snacks from the LA Fitness snack bar inside the facility. So there you have it from first hand experience.

Again, don't try to change people dramatically with a supplement, and a weight loss program. Most don't want it, and really don't care from my experience, but most from what I've found do snack a lot, because when you are working out heavily you need to eat right and every two to three hours to grow muscle, and snacking is a big part of the routine.

Snackhealthy is simple; just open the healthy snack and eat it, and most people can relate to that, because after all, they are already snacking in between meals and don't have to change their behavior. Thus, no behavior modification needed. :0) Of course if you like popcorn or high quality protein power for your workouts, Snackhealthy has you covered in those areas too.

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