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The AddieUP Diet -- Weight Loss Made Easy
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The AddieUP Diet makes weight loss easy. Before we get into what factors are most likely keeping you from losing fat now, you're probably wondering, "What is AddieUP?"

AddieUP is a natural blend of herbal extracts that was created by a doctor to replace the Adderall he had been taking for his ADHD. Because these same herbs have thermogenic and appetite-suppressing effects, similar to Adderall, AddieUP can be a very effective catalyst for healthy weight loss (unlike Adderall, which is not a healthy way to lose weight).

You may have seen the Dr. Oz show about the "Adderall Diet" which is now popular in Hollywood and all across America.

AddieUP has some major advantages over Adderall: AddieUP is legal to possess without a prescription, can be purchased online, and does not lead to addiction. AddieUP is much less expensive than Adderall, too.

It facilitates healthy weight loss when used in combination with the healthy diet we all know we should be eating (but we aren't, because we can't resist the many tempting foods that taste good but are the reason we keep packing on the pounds!).

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, you know you should lose about 5-7% of your present weight. You also should have been told that you need to become more physically active on a daily basis. You should be eating more of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, while consuming fewer fats, oils, fried foods, meats, and processed foods.

That should be easy, so why haven't you succeeded in losing weight?

#1) You're hungry. It is hard to get used to filling up without the rich meat-and-cheese-based meals we typically eat. Avoiding tempting treats like desserts and pizza, chips and dips is a real challenge, so we tend to "fudge" a lot on our diet -- As a result, we suffer a lot of hunger and low energy times and then blow our diet and binge on Oreos or whatever, when we can't stand this gnawing craving for our favorite foods. Frankly, we're addicted to sugar, refined carbs, fats, and flavor-enhancers which are purposely used by food chemists to keep us coming back for more -- (Read Fast Food Nation, the chapter entitled "Why the Fries Taste Good" to learn how we are led around by our addiction to certain flavor-enhancers, such as MSG and many others).

AddieUP helps you to break through the mental and physical barriers that keep you from losing weight safely by following these simple rules.

It reduces your appetite so you can resist the temptations that keep you grazing down the garden path to Diabetes. You DO want to avoid Diabetes, don't you?

#2) AddieUP kicks your energy up a notch so you feel like doing the exercise that helps burn off the fat stored around your body. Usually on a calorie-restricted diet, most dieters feel sluggish and low on energy. AddieUP provides just enough non-jittery stimulation so that physical activity is pleasure, but not an obsession (as it is with Adderall).

So, to sum up, the AddieUP Diet is a healthy catalyst to help you break your fascination with the processed foods that are keeping you fat, while it gives you access to all the stored energy around your waistline so you can get up and go outside to get some fresh air and exercise.

For gentle, safe, and effective weight loss, the AddieUP Diet fills the need, guaranteed.

(Attention Marketers: AddieUP offers generous commissions for referrals: )

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