posted on: 3/13/2012 9:41:16 AM EST
A great way to spread the word - through photos!
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Spreading the word about causes that are important to us is vital.

Yes, we try Facebook, Twitter, IBOtoolbox, Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn. But there's a relatively new social networking kid on the block - Pinterest.

It uses the emotional tug of photos to get its visitors involved and interacting. You post a photo rather than text. Pinterest is now drawing more referrals than many of the existing platforms.

So when you have a cause like Heart Disease, we can show photos of people in hospital or we can do something different. We have tried to bring a smile and happiness into people's days by pinning great heart photos.

Check them out ... there's some amazing photos that you can't help but get emotional about.

After you've enjoyed them, why not join the International Heart Awareness Cause too - it costs nothing but a click to show you care.

And also go and show your support at - where you can get a free Heart Awareness ebook and phone app after you've liked the page!

And how could I sign off without asking you to pass this onto anyone else who you know would benefit from a community supporting those impacted by heart disease?

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Karen Prescod   1401 day(s) ago
Nice blog Ian. Thank you for sharing great info.
Rieke Fleischer   1401 day(s) ago
Reading about this, it comes again into my mind that we have to CURE our HEALTH. So many people are still thinking that PREVENTION is useless... or will not see the great value of it. Open minded Doctors could be of great help. The next question in this contest might be: who's responsible for prevention? Doctors might refuse this responsibility (at least I heard this from one) - ok: then every single person should take care of his/her prevention.
Dustin Grant   1412 day(s) ago
Awesome stuff to think about here. Lets spread the word!
Johnny Lee    1412 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing the information here Ian. Much success in your worthy cause!
Ramesh Khanal   1412 day(s) ago
Something good to think about.

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