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“Someone else’s decision doesn’t have to become your life” (Les Brown)
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I would like to start off this blog with a typical scenario and this could be about most anything in your life, but just for this example, since this is what I do, I will use the example that for whatever reason, more money, time with kids and family, more free time, a dream home, etc. . you want to start your own home based business.

You have reviewed a business online, you like what you see, you feel a little cautious which is good as there are scams out there. You can’t quite come to a decision, and you are in doubt about your ability to make the decision. A feeling comes into your head, 'Hey I will ask my brother, sister, friend about this business.' Here is a question for you, does that person know anything about the business you’re looking at? I guarantee they will have an opinion even though they've never done any due-diligence about the opportunity. Does he or she really know what’s right for you? Does your neighbor who drives a bus know anything about online businesses? How about the mailman?

Bet we all have done that at least once in our life and what usually happens? They change your mind, or they make you feel like you are all wrong. They might even say, "it's a scam!" or "it's one of those pyramid things." Why do we trust our life’s decisions to people who can’t give us informed answers? Does it help us to get out of situations easier by saying my friends and I discussed this and I don’t think it’s for me or are we just plain dependent on their answers?

Are you allowing someone else to control your life’s decisions? How many of us have done that, I know I did once and it turned out to be the wrong decision, thank goodness later on down the road I did it anyway.

Our friends and our family are dear to all of us, but should they have the power to give you answers that affect your final decision? Usually it’s a matter of jealousy that you might be successful and they won’t, or they think they know more than you do or because they are business owners they know everything about every business plan, or they are just plain negative people and no matter what you would show them it wouldn’t be right. Sometimes they are just projecting their own fear onto you. Prisoners never cheer their cell mate who escaped. Misery loves company.

I’m saying to you now, “YOU” are the one that has to make the decision to change your life “JUST DO IT” trust in your own instinct or inner being to make the right decision.

Gather all the information you can, investigate it thoroughly, weigh pros and cons and make that next step to get what you want from life.

My role as a business owner is simply to act as your tour guide. I simply guide you through the information and help you to make the best decision for you. I am just an educator about my opportunities.

I encourage you to contact me and I will guide you through our information system so that you can decide for YOURSELF if this is road you want to take to your goals in life. Believe me, if your answer is “NO” I’m 100% OK with that, but also know that if it is “YES” I will be here along with others in this business to help you create your own successful home based business. You will see that this is an amazingly fun and lucrative industry that can provide you the success you want!


Just one more thought for you……”Most people go to their graves with their music still in them." (Oliver Wendell Holmes)….. Again, know that you can trust your instincts and inner voice to make the right decision for yourself.

I would love to welcome you to my dream team. Dust off your dreams and get ready to shine!

Diane Costello

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