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Want to revive your dreams?
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When I had a J.O.B. (Just over Broke) and traded time for dollars, life was completely different for me. Of course, there were good days as I've been blessed with a positive attitude, faith and always had dreams for the future. On the 'bad days' at the office, I'd spend my lunch time reading Entrepreneur magazine and dream of the day I could leave what I felt was truly a rat race (at least for the true spirit inside of me.)

I entered corporate America as a person with a good work ethic; but relatively naive and genuinely caring (not always the best attributes for someone in that world). I always loved sharing my knowledge and support with my co-workers. I'd give my Manager some great ideas on how to improve things at the company. One of my ideas saved this nationally known company millions of dollars. I was happy and proud until I overheard my boss bragging about HIS great accomplishment/idea. That was my first experience with the 'back-stabbers' of the world.

Sadly, I encountered quite a few such people (the rats in the race) throughout my career. I experienced other horrific things such as sexual harassment and prejudice as both a woman (yes the ceiling was glass in my day) and because of my ethnic heritage and even my religious beliefs. I was never the type of person to 'make waves', 'start trouble' or 'upset the apple cart!' I had wonderful parents and would never blame them for the problems in my life; however, my reaction to corporate abuse was 'lady-like!'. When these things happened I'd bury the pain and continue to look for good and kind people (I did find some thank God) and continued to dream about escape. Yes, those pesky bills needed to be paid.

I knew if I avoided the negative dream squashers and the truly unscrupulous people, eventually my time would come. How it actually happened to me will be in another article but I want to share the main point of this story.

Please, no matter what is happening in your life right now, keep your eye on the prize. I always knew there would be a light at the end of my tunnel. If you had dreams about a financially free future, the life of your dreams, leaving a dead end job, spending your life helping others, traveling the world, a beach home or saving pets – WHATEVER THE DREAM..... dust it off and dream again.

After you dust it off, start to think about the dream every day and every night before you go to sleep. Never ever give up. It may not happen right away but if you never give up, never listen to negative dream stealing people – it will happen for you.

I have no idea if either of my two business opportunities will be right for you. They may not appeal to you or possibly they may be a financial/educational stepping stone in helping you to find the perfect business to help you achieve your dreams too. One of my dreams was to throw away my alarm clock that startled me out of my sleep at 5:00 AM every day. My husband stopped me from throwing it out the window (yes, it went to charity); but now my phone awakens me on those mornings when I TRULY want to wake up for something that is worth leaving my night time dreams – yes, either fun or my beloved businesses.

Drop me an email and I'll be glad to be your tour guide through the information on my business opportunities. There will be no pressure or hard feelings if they aren't for you. If they ARE – I promise to help and support you to achieve your dreams too.


Diane Furst Costello

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CeCe Horn   1451 day(s) ago
What a wonderful article and one everyone should read!
Patricia Juhrend   1451 day(s) ago
My dreams are alive!
Cee Cee Miller   1451 day(s) ago
Well said! We must not let people steal our dreams and we must be HONGREE for what we desire in this life. Thanks for sharing this article.
Pete Balasch Jr   1451 day(s) ago
Yep Them Dream Stealers they are all over the Place keep on Keeping on Great Article
Don Sabelhaus   1451 day(s) ago
Such a great article Diane, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. T&L my friend

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