posted on: 3/6/2012 7:22:54 PM EST
I was scammed by an Internet "opportunity!"
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In the past 5 years I have been in TEN network marketing businesses. Should I be proud of that fact? I AM although I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly! I've been scammed out of $30,000, lied to and cheated. YES I could write a country western song about my experiences.

Out of the 10 businesses, actually only 2 turned out to be true scams. My primary business shut down overnight in 2009. I spent 10 days with the company owner, and top earners and couldn't wait to get back to share my new found knowledge with my team. I was on a plane returning from this intense company training (that cost $15,000) and as the plane landed I received a text that something was amiss.

I also received a call from one of my distributors concerned that she couldn't get into her back office. That her web site was 'gone!' They closed the company while we were traveling. My team was devastated and so was I. The owner disappeared, shut down the websites, disconnected his numbers and it was over. Apparently his name was even fake! I love helping people and I think my heart was more broken for my team than me.

The one thing I was certain about was "I WON'T QUIT NO MATTER WHAT!" I am a true believer in this industry. Where else can an average person like me find a way to earn a multiple 6 figure income without years and years of education? We can earn like a CEO, brain surgeon or rocket scientist! I had become psychologically unemployable once I experienced the freedom of being my own boss and the JOY of helping others do the same.

I got up, dusted myself off and grabbed that 'half-full' cup, made lemonade out of lemons and refilled the cup! I went on a quest for another opportunity. Anyone who has been 'opportunity shopping' knows how challenging it can be to find the right business. I tried travel, lotions, potions, pills, education, and greeting cards and more.

Honestly, some of these companies had fantastic products or services that I loved but as the economy worsened many customers simply couldn't afford them. I did learn that the only time that I earned a significant income was with those companies I truly believed in. Even when I tried to convince MYSELF that a certain product or service was fantastic; if I didn't believe it deep in my heart and soul, people sensed it. I'm not the fake it till you make it type; I've been told I'm too honest for my own good.

FINALLY, I've found two businesses that I can feel proud to market without worry. I was instantly skeptical of every opportunity until I found what I call my blessed businesses. Although there are no guarantees in life except taxes and death; I'm confident that both companies are solid, ethical, debt-free and have a real future!

My energy business is my 'comfort', knowing that people will always pay their electric bill no matter what is happening in their lives. Even when a home is foreclosed, the lights stay on. I love knowing I (and my team) have a steady residual income every time someone pays their monthly bill. Click here for more info on this business that is the 2nd fastest growing business in history (Google is 1st!) --->

My penny auction business is perfect for the time challenged as the only requirement is to copy and paste an ad every day. We are their advertising army and we share in the profits every 24 hours as long as we place just ONE ad a day. While there are 6 ways to earn for those who want to build a team; it's not required. Anyone who doesn't want to recruit or sell has a home in this business. You can't even imagine what it's like to KNOW that everyone on your team WILL earn every day! Click here to watch a 2 minute movie -->

I am so grateful and would love to share my good fortune with you. Go ahead, check out the websites, then email me or give me a call. I'm a well paid tour guide who is more than happy to help you decide if these opportunities might be a fit for YOU – it's all about YOU!


Diane Furst Costello
NJ, USA 856 486-2004 (10 AM – 8 PM Eastern)

p.s. Would you do us both a favor? If you're not interested in the business opportunities, let me give you $150.00 in FREE bids to play in my penny auction. You can win items 90% off of retail and it's my way of thanking you for reading this. You just enter your name and email and the $150 is yours - no strings attached! Go ahead have some FUN!

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Larry `thePCGuy`   1428 day(s) ago
It's going to happen, online or real world. From sidewalk lemonade stands to the so-called social security. So, yeah, never give up and try to choose the lesser of the evils offered.
Elena Barbu   1428 day(s) ago
Wow..Thanks for sharing Diane.
Richard Mathiason    1428 day(s) ago
Diane, Great post. Yes, we all have to pay our dues, but it is worth it all. Making it a dues paying day in the IBO neighborhood!
LISA HOWARD    1428 day(s) ago
great story Diane. I'm with Zeek as well. The leaders there do a great job of insuring that the company stays in compliance. Thanks for sharing.
Jim White   1428 day(s) ago
Being Scammed Sucks!!!

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