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FINALLY! Hope for the 95% who dislike sales but need a Plan B!
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Most people, while they would love to be their own boss, have no desire to sell or recruit. If that describes you, BUT, you are looking for a Plan B, let me introduce you to the ZEEK REWARDS opportunity. This opportunity is truly exploding and getting involved is REALLY REALLY REALLY easy. When I say 'exploding', it is not rhetoric as they have just moved to a larger building, added staff, added servers, etc. and are doing an amazing job to keep pace with unprecedented growth.

I had absolutely no interest in another opportunity as I love my primary business in energy and I always make sure I save time for many hours of FUN and the things and people that matter to me. I gave my friend a myriad of reasons as to why I was NOT interested, e.g., 'I don't want to lose my focus, I'm too busy, I don't want to learn another business, time is precious, don't want to spend any money, my toe hurts, my dog is sick, etc.' They were all true reasons.

He told me that #1 I could join for as little as $20 – really (dinner for 2 at McDonald's) ?? and #2 that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER have to recruit or sell and #3 it really takes FIVE MINUTES A DAY!

I watched a marketing movie and still didn't 'get' it! I've been recruiting, sponsoring and selling for years but I truly only wanted to do that for ONE business. You see once people 'get' it; they're amazed at the true simplicity of the business, uniqueness of the product and the future of this company. Their associate retention, Alexa (web site ranking) and growth numbers are staggering!! It's the first opportunity I've been able to offer to all of the people that said 'no or not now' to every other business I've shown them. I am grateful that my friend gave me an extra nudge to take a second look.

I finally said, 'OK, I'll stick my (sore) toe in the water for $20.00 and just see what happens as long as you promise me that it REALLY will only take me 5 minutes a day!” He was so sincere that he said he'd give me my $20 back if he was wrong!

Although there are 6 different ways to earn with Zeek, I was only interested in ONE – the profit sharing. We, their advertising army in 170 countries, must post just ONE ad every 24 hours in order to qualify to share in the PROFITS every 24 hours! It seemed to good to be true to me.

So, day after day I spent my 5 minutes placing the ad and reporting back to the company as to where I placed the ad! Day after day I watched my profits grow and grow and grow. The ironic part is that now I'm showing it to people as I know in my heart that this is the promised land for anyone who has ever been afraid, had no time or money or failed at another opportunity. Everyone wins here. Those who want to build a business, have the option of earning with the other 5 ways to increase their paycheck; but, they never, ever, ever HAVE to do more than place the ad.

If you'd like additional information about the business, click on my link and watch the 8 minute movie---> Don't worry if you get confused (like I did) as they cover the '6 ways to earn!' Just pay attention to the profit sharing part. Don't join without calling me at (01 international) 856 486 2004 (Eastern Time USA) or send me an email @

This is not wishful thinking; I believe this company will make history very soon. And, by the way, every person on my team earns every day. Some are quietly copy and pasting and others are sharing it with others but THIS TIME, EVERYONE EARNS!

Diane Furst Costello
(01) 856 486-2004 (Eastern)

p.s. If you are interested in free internet advertisement, a social network of business owners and posting blogs like this; check out IBO - a wonderful place for business owners! --->

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Tom+Rosanne McKinney   1429 day(s) ago
Very informative, having a program that is easy to do and inexpensive to start will help you build your primary also.
Annemarie Berukoff   1430 day(s) ago
Great the personal story that makes Zeek so real and doable for many people rather than reading business copy about how it works. A great coach always starts at the level of people's abilities. Great opportunity!

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