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How Up dated Or Out Dated Are You ? The Story Behind The Story...
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So Once Again How Updated Are You Really? About Your Body? How It Heals Itself?

Hi Keith Here.... Welcome Everyone!

The story is told of a quantum physicist who walked on what he described as a wooden leg for over 50 years due to a childhood disease.

He then took an early retirement at age 59 because he was dying. So he turned his Einstein like mind to discovering what causes the human body to get sick and die prematurely.

He discovered that the atoms that make up the human cell become electrically imbalanced due to toxins in the environment and due to lack of minerals in the diet.

He then discovered an ancient plant source of minerals that are hundreds of times smaller than the human cell and which are negatively charged, both of which are necessary in order to get inside of the cell to correct the electrical imbalance found in diseased and unhealthy cells.

Upon ingesting these minerals, gradually he gained mobility and now walks on a normal leg. He shared these minerals with others who within a six month period of time each got rid of their health problems and who in turn appeared to be growing younger.

The primary ingredient in Fulvia comes from an ancient plant source found in the Himalayan mountains. It contains 85+ minerals in the form that is necessary to correct the electrical imbalance of the cells at the atomic level, thereby giving the body what it needs to restore itself to health naturally.

It is said that the monkeys in the lower plains of this region turn grey and go bald when they get old, but the monkeys in the higher altitudes that eat this substance from the ground, don't turn grey and go bald.

This substance has been used for centuries in the regions of the Himalayas where it is found. Seventeen years ago, it was standardized for the purpose of using it in Ayurvedic Medicine by doctors in India. This is the exact ingredient that makes up our Fulvia product. Medical books of India state that no cure of any disease can be effectuated without this substance.

Joy To Live pays four times the price to manufacture Fulvia than most all of the products found in the network marketing community. We add no fillers or cheap ingredients to increase the size or density of our capsules. It is said that dynamite comes in small packages. Fulvia is like dynamite in that it is very powerful and effective in small quantities.

1-641-715-3800 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting Code 77078# NUTRITION CAN RESET ANYONES System's Ability To Heal The Body As God Planned It Too. Fulvia Natural Organic

Fulvia is a pure food, but because it supplies minerals that everyone is lacking, amazing things can often be expected. People have experienced what they describe as miracles after consuming just one capsule a day over extended periods of time.

The net result can happen so gradually however, that it may go unnoticed. That is why some medical professionals are suggesting that you gradually increase your intake of Fulvia in order for the body to have sufficient minerals to heal itself even faster so that you can visibly see and feel the results.

People who desire to notice faster results from taking Fulvia, typically take more than one capsule daily. One doctor from England suggests to her patients that they take one capsule each day for a week, followed by two capsules a day for the second week, and increasing intake by one capsule a day each succeeding week until a therapeutic level is found for that person. When this level is found, a person will begin to see the results they are looking for. She suggests staying at that level until their problem goes away, at which time they can return to a maintenance dose.

Be sure to drink no less than 16-20 oz. of water with each Fulvia capsule, which is necessary to cleanse the toxins that are being released by the body clear down to the cellular level.

Fulvia could be the single most important supplement to ever reach the market and it can safely be used by persons of all ages and health conditions. Don't go a day without using Fulvia and your cells will thank you with better health than you have enjoyed for years!

If you decide not to use or recommend Fulvia to others, that is okay, but I encourage you to take a closer look. Revisit My Website and watch our Product Video. And from this same link you can also find my Joy To Live Website to get yourself enrolled today.

To your health!

Keith Riney
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