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Fastest way to large MLM downlines
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The Fastest way to build large MLM downlines?

I recently read a book titled "the fastest way to build large Network Marketing MLM downlines! it posted the headline as this is the secret of the Heavy hitters being revealed. The book is good with several key proven strategies that can be used to expand your MLM business.

The book's secret is simply the logical strategy of recruiting experienced network marketing distributors into your downline. This is known as hitting your target market.

This strategy has been around for several years now and while it is effective for some talented people it is not in my opinion, the best alternative to build and growth your MLM downline and here is why

Recruiting experienced MLM distributors in your MLM downline?

Heavy hitter is considered that person which is a very talented distributor who excels at recruiting large number of people into their business. While this is a possibility and there are very good people with natural skills to do this, most people in Network Marketing industry usually develop good size organizations over time after some hard work and lots of MLM teamwork efforts.

When a person enrolls large number of individuals in a short period of time is usually the result of transferring previously built MLM downlines into another business opportunity. Of course there are very few good exceptions in the industry and we all should learn from them.

Recruiting experienced network marketers in your MLM business represent several good advantages over traditional recruiting. Veteran MLM marketers are already trained, have a mindset and they are sold already on the benefits of the industry, according to the author Tracy Biller.

This is true in partial statement but not necessary represent the fastest way to build large MLM downlines and the reason is simple,

Here are some logic considerations to the stated benefits of this strategy to build MLM downlines:

Most of people in this industry fail in their business opportunity because they are not properly trained so if you recruit "veteran networkers" you are most likely to partner with a person that has overstated expectation and has lots of vicious thinking on how to do this business.

Good Veteran Networkers are usually happy at their current business opportunities and will only move if they are given several personal benefits to them. (JV is usually the case here!)

If you recruit them from other companies, you still have to train them if you want them to be successful in your organization. This takes time so it will take away the FAST out of the equation.

Easy come and easy go individuals. If you bring them easy, then eventually they will go away that easy for the simple fact that they will look for personal interest first.

Not all people have the right skills to develop good productive teams so eventually this fastest growing MLM downlines will start to fell apart.

This strategy does not build the most important value in any organization: LOYALTY!

It is true that you may use this strategy to improve your ranking in your company and make some money fast and build a reputation however this is not a strategy that will sustain organic grow of your MLM downlines!

My personal choice is and will always be to recruit those individuals that are willing to be coachable, to learn all the skills that are required to be successful in this industry and are good team players.

Quality prospects are not necessarily veteran network marketers but those people with the right mindset to become best individuals and are willing to take risks through entrepreneurship and willing to teach others how to be better. Quality prospects will become MLM leaders!

True Network Marketing is about building a solid long term business relationship with few key individuals whom will be expanding the business down with the same approach. This is a much better approach to build large MLM downlines!

Teach other business associates how to teach others about becoming better individuals through development of several people skills and marketing skills is my preferred strategy to build FAST growing MLM downlines.

Please share your comments on this topic if you agree wth my thoughts.

MLM Team Up for success!

Juan Carlos Herrera

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James Lockett    1339 day(s) ago
I think you have something there. It makes very good sense. I prefer as I build my organization those that are "coachable" more so than those that are easily trained. Let's face it, our downlines aren't dogs. They are people that want success and as long as they will listen and learn, they will be successful.
Bruce Stillson   1339 day(s) ago
I agree on many of your points. Great post
Shekhar Bhardwaj   1339 day(s) ago
Excellent Blog!! I like it..
Micki Scheuerman   1339 day(s) ago
This is very well written and all good sound information. Thank you for your time and will share.
ralf dooley   1339 day(s) ago
Great Blogpost.Thanks for sharing

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