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The Sad Reality, Effect Gas Prices Has Had!
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June 10, 2011

The Sad Reality, Effect Gas Prices Has Had!

I wrote an article on this topic here back in 2008 and l will share that article with you. This has a totally different effect on reality, currently with this "Crises" that is occurring at a very rapid rate. When you review my article, you will fully understand why l choose the word "Crises".

If you are honestly as concern as l am, with what is going on with "Gas Prices" and how it has effected, changed our daily life's. This is absolutely on called for, how much is enough, for the greediest speculators on our planet who are investing heavily into future option on crude oil. The sad part is they have absolute zero emotions to the people they hurt, families that got destroyed because they could not afford to drive there vehicle like they use too.

This is what you have created, families can not afford to drive their kids to sporting events. How do l know this both of my kids play and have been playing Rep sports for a very long time, both in hockey and soccer. This means, a lot of driving them to practice, games home and out of town. Then you have the cost factor of Hotels, meals and every day means of enjoying what you have worked for.

Parents are now taking their kids out of sporting events, for one reason they can not afford to drive them to games. This of how that parent feels, how that child is no longer able to enjoy her/his friends any longer...........cause mom and dad can not provide...........How sad is that............Did you looked at this way............we had three kids pull out for the above reason...

So to all you who are enjoying your greed right now, think of the kids dreams you have destroyed,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy your meal, cocktails, and you always tip large.......why cause it is not your money............your a shooter......big time loser in my books.....

Please review this article l wrote back in 2008. it will honestly blow your mind what you will hear and see. You will never respect what is going on.....This is all base on facts, by one of the top experts in this field....


If you liked this article please share it, we can make a difference one read at a time, and if we all share this and add our comments to this article we may just make a difference or allow a lot of stress of your chess..


Joseph F. Botelho

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