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7X Heart Attack Victim Gets New Change With Manna 360
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Kent Reidesel is NOT a Manna 360™ distributor. He is, however, a survivor of seven known heart attacks, whose busy executive schedule on the road subjects him to restaurant food six out of every seven days. That’s bad. But it gets even worse. Pay attention. You might learn something that could save yours or someone else’s life.

Kent has been overweight most of his adult life. Not necessarily by choice. He knows all about what added pounds can do to you, the strain it puts on your heart, your brain, your liver, your lungs, your pancreas, in fact, all your body’s organs. He knows it because he is an expert in the field, one of the best in the world.

He has worked with weight loss regimens and lifestyle clinics as a professional. He even has owned one of, (if not THE) biggest weight loss sites on the internet.

Ironically, despite all his knowledge, regardless of his very negative heart history, and irrespective of his serious motivation to do it, he has never been able to lose weight! Never.

It gets worse yet. By his own admission, he is “allergic to exercise.” Says Kent, “If the object of exercise is to increase the heart rate and intensify respirations, I can get the same effect by sitting on the couch thinking about getting up to the refrigerator for some ice cream.”

Doctor: "Lose 20 pounds in two months -- or else!"

Early in December of 2011, Kent’s doctor, after a thorough examination and lab analysis, gave Kent two months to lose 20 pounds or begin treatment for diabetes. Not the news or the ultimatum a heart attack patient wants to hear, especially when it represents what has so far been impossible to achieve.

Kent’s friend is Mark McCool, CEO of LiveSmart 360, and one of the driving forces behind the development and introduction of Manna 360™, the revolutionary all-in-one, whole day’s nutrition in a glass, amazingly delicious “super shake” that is causing quite a buzz in the health and wellness industry and helping people take control of their nutritional destinies.

Out of kindness and concern for his friend, Mark sent Kent a supply of the Manna 360™ shake product and its companion weight loss wonder, MannaSlim™, the most powerful energy supplying, fat burning product currently available anywhere.

Kent’s products arrived two days before Christmas. He immediately began a regimen of two MannaSlim™ capsules a day, both taken in the morning. Half an hour later, he substitutes his first Manna 360™ shake for what would have been his regular dangerous restaurant breakfast. Around noon, he eats as sensible a lunch as he can find. In the evening, he swaps another shake for dinner.

And, throughout the day, he is careful to keep himself hydrated so that his body can efficiently rid itself of the toxic buildup his system has been storing that is now being burned and flushed away by his Manna 360™ Lifestyle.

All during the Christmas and New Year holidays, his mother prepared and served him the foods he traditionally enjoys. When he couldn’t swap out a shake for her really tasty home cooking, he did drink a shake first, to help him regulate the amounts that he would eat.

Nothing radical, really. Actually very common sense.

But he could feel a change begin to happen in him. And, for the first time in his life, he began to lose weight.

But the changes he was experiencing were not just physical. As he experienced his body respond to the potent nutrition in the Manna 360™ shakes, aided by the exclusive ZorbMax™ blend of electrolytically charged trace minerals that make the blood look and act as if it is young again and carry those nutrients to virtually every cell of the body, simutaneously ridding those cells of their collective toxins, he noticed a psychological and emotional change as well.

And then he did something really crazy. He actually bought some tennis shoes, something he says that he hasn’t owned since “forever”. And he started to walk. And he began to like it.

Thanks to Manna 360™ and Manna Slim™, Kent Riedesel, 2 weeks, -17 pounds later

Two weeks after starting his Manna Lifestyle, Kent paid a visit to his friend, Mark, in Sarasota, Florida. In just fourteen days, Kent has lost seventeen pounds, already just three pounds shy of the goal his doctor said he would have to achieve in two months or begin a lifetime treatment for diabetes.

He has gone from 257 pounds down to 240. He moves easier. His energy is off the charts. And he is excited about losing even more. His goal is to be around 205 – 210 by March 1st, and at his final goal under 200 pounds by the start of the following month.

His mother is thrilled. His family can hardly believe the transformation they are witnessing. Kent is happy.

And he’s really looking forward to another battery of lab tests to track the other positive results that he senses are happening now that the lose weight guru is finally able to do what he has never been able to do before – actually lose weight and take control of his nutritional destiny.

Everybody should have a friend who cares like Mark. It could save their lives. It certainly could save a lot of unnecessary angst and suffering.

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