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Have No Money? Hurting in these hard times? Here is $10 to prove you can be paid daily!!
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I'm always amazed how many people promote business that do not pay them and make the company rich!!! does there something that sounds funny here?
I have been on the internet since 1991 and have done some of this myself not knowing what I was doing. I have learned a lot of the things to do and not do! Yes I have lost lots of money but I have earned a lot of money too!! Now that I know what to do and help other people so they don't get hurt trying to make money on the web.

There are a lot of web sites out there that tell you all you need to do is sign up and you will get rich and you don't need to do anything! LIE 1 the very next LIE is they tell you the system does all the work for you! Come on think about it if it was that easy why would they be offering it to you and not do it themselfs?

Ok now are you ready for the TRUTH! You will need to do some work, you will need to do what you are asked to do when I say do it. Are you tired of spinning your wheel's? Do you really want to earn income everyday?

I always start people with a money maker that will put money in their pocket! I will never ask you for any money! But I will ask you to do a number of things so it will be easy for me and my team to help you, does this sound fair to you? Now before we get started you will need to know my rules before we start.

Rule #1. Always keep it real #2. Keep it honest #3. Never push or pull people if you do all you will be doing is pulling down youe own business!

Here are some of the things I want you to do if you would like to get started with me today!
1. Send me a email to John Holland at and in that email in the subject line PLEASE SEND ME MORE INFORMATION. Put your name, phone number so I can call you, and tell me where you live, best time to call you!

2. Let me know if you have Skype! if you do thats great, if not go to its free to download and use! I use skype to help people that need help and want you to duplacate what I teach you to do. If you have Skype add me to your contact list, to do that you will need my Skype user name (mrgetslim)

The business that I'm going to start you with is JUST BEEN PAID! I feel is the very best business out there and you will get paid the very next morning. You will get $10 to prove it works and after 45 days they will take back the $10.

Here is a information link >>

My business link is >>

As you can see you don't need to spell to good and still make money so please don't let that stop you and the very best way to do business is make a friend one person at a time.

I DO NOT WORK ON SUNDAY >>> I'm a pastor and that's really my work day for the LORD.

God Bless! hope to hear from you!

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