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The LV Life is going VIRAL!
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Excitement is in the air!!! I told you we would explode and go viral. Don't take my word for it, listen to the testimonies of our members that have used the product.

Phone numbers and pin number:

24 Hour Pre-recorded LV Vision line
1-559-726-1399 / Pin 666372#

24 Hour Pre-recorded THRIVE testimony line
1-530-881-1499 / Pin 137907#

TheLVLife is exploding rapidly. Imagine a company you have found that we believe is the goose that's laid the golden eggs. We are only introducing one (1) consumable product package at the moment and the testimonies are exploding! Live TheLVLife You Deserve!!!


No monthly Website fee
Product has already been proven in the market
High Commission payout to members
Get 2 customers when launch and yours is FREE
Win valuable products such as ipads, gucci, etc.
Opportunity to win free shipping and handling.

You are on the ground floor....really you are in the basement. Join FREE:

Jacqueline Edwards
Skype: jackie.5844

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Kelly Kish   1224 day(s) ago
Great Press Release Jacqueline, thank you for sharing. Make it a Great Day! Go IBO!
trudy ortiz   1250 day(s) ago
thank your for sharing your information.
Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.    1250 day(s) ago
Great information you provided us, thank you.
Ginger Johnson   1250 day(s) ago
thanks for the info
Curtiss Martin   1261 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Jacqueline. This is a very informative post.

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