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One24's Platinum Profit Sharing Pool Explained
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I'm excited to educate you on one of One24's profit sharing pools, the Platinum Performance Pool. If you are familiar with One24, you know that it is a referral based program. Two of the six income streams with One24 are from profit sharing pools. The Silver Performance pool is 10% of company revenues that customers have access to once they refer one person who refers one person (total of 2). The Silver pool maxes out at 5 shares. That's 5 referrals who each have one referral (total of 10). I explained in a previous blog 2/14 titled One24's Profit Sharing Program Explained and it goes into more detail about how the Silver Pool is structured.
Today I want to educate you on the Platinum pool which is approximately 7.5% of company profits. Though the Silver pool has a higher percentage of profits going into it every month, the value of the platinum shares are much higher because fewer people have access to it. To earn 1 share of the Platinum pool you need 6 personal referrals who each have 2 referrals, who each have one (total of 30). The current share value of 1 platinum share at the time of this blog is @ $850. To earn an additional share you need 1 personal referral who has 2 referrals, who both have 1 referral (total of 35). By strategically adding and additional 5 people to your organization, you just doubled your platinum to 2 shares which currently would be @$1,700. Once you have one share you can continue this pattern of adding 5 and max out the platinum pool with only 12 personal referrals who each have 2 referrals, who each have 1 referral (total of 60). You would max out the platinum pool with 7 shares currently worth $5,950. Keep in mind this is only 1 income stream with the One24 compensation plan and by earning just 1 share of platinum with 30 people, you have also maxed out the Silver pool. Sound confusing? Could be because this is like nothing you have seen before. Most companies don't allow their customers to share in the company profits simply by being a customer and referring others. This is one reason One24 is attractive to people who are burnt out on selling and home parties.
MLM and MLM opportunities require a lot of recruits. With One24, customers can begin making money with just 1 referral. So many people are looking for ways to make money from home and there are so many business opportunities to choose from. One thing I love about One24 is because it is a referral program, it doesn’t interfere with whatever you are dong now. The majority of my organization is built on people who currently have a home business. Because they are business minded, they see the potential with this unique program and the value it can add to their income with just a few referrals. If you are interested in adding an additional stream or 6 to your household income, take a few minutes, do your due diligence and take a look at this program. You might just see something that makes sense. I know I did and I’m so glad I took a look.

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