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>Making the brand: 2008-2012...and beyond!>
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It started with an idea, growing into a solid concept,rising to a serious company within the industry of online listing and selling and heading to go global in 2012.

This is the dream of a every company or for at least alot of companies. Big Value Depot was founded in the middle of the finance and real estate crisis and needed to be adjusted and revamped.The whole concept needed a remake and a new direction was taken.

CEO and Vice-President, together with their founding partners the 300 Elite Team, decided to team up with leading developers and programming geeks of the online marketing and selling industry. The plan was to establish a brand which could grow into a house hold name.

Now after 4 years of hard work the company is ready to reveal its business model which is unique in the industry of online selling.As a founding member of BVD which is launching a world-wide TV, Radio and Web campaign, I am more than excited! Please take a minute and watch this "TRAILOR" . This is so awesome of you if you run this video on your desktop.It takes you less than 30 seconds to do it!

If you like it, you are welcome to subscribe for free with our YouTube channel .


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1/16/2012  >Making the brand: 2008-2012...and beyond!>
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