posted on: 2/17/2012 3:29:11 PM EST
+...The mayan calendar is saying 2012 is going to be the "END"...for BVD 2012 it is the "Beginning"+
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...The end could be the beginning of something new - this is what I understood when I heard the mayan prophecy. If this is meant, then I am so glad and sure that 2012 is the beginning for alot of good and positive things. At every end there is a beginning. The old BVD is death and buried, the new BVD is born and so alive and just growing and growing and growing....

Have you seen one of our TV-spots running?

Imagine Facebook or even Google would start a "Rewards Program" for their clients like BigValueDepot is doing shortly - WOW.

Interested to be a part of something new which is just "beginning" and not ending? :-)

To your success


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BVD is turning your iPhone into a selling maschine…
BVD is displaying your products & items infront of millions of viewers…
BVD is blasting your product ads to thousands of listing & classified sites within minutes with the „AdPlotter“….
BVD is running shocking TV, Radio & Web spots, romantic spots and comedy spots nationwide…
BVD is offering you a special „REWARD- Program“

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