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+...The mayan calendar said 2012 was going to be the "END"...for BVD 2014/2015 is the "Beginning" of
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...The end could be the beginning of something new - this is what I understood when I heard the mayan prophecy. If this was meant, then I am so glad and sure that 2014/2015 is the beginning of a lot of good and positive things. At every end there is a beginning. The old BVD is death and buried, the new BVD combined with "AdPlotter"  is born and so alive and just growing and growing and growing....

Have you seen one of our ads or press releases been published online?

Imagine Facebook or even Ebay would start a "Rewards Program/Coin-Program" for their clients like BigValueDepot and AdPlotter is doing? And now think of the idea of combining 100´s of classified sites together via an unique cloud-based software and to create an inventory managing system for the "Big Players" such as Amazon, eBAY or Craigslist?

Interested to be a part of something new which is just "beginning" and not ending? :-)
AdPlotter could be the help for your business.

To your success


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BVD & AdPlotter is turning your iPhone into a selling machine…
AP is displaying your products & items infront of millions of viewers via 100´s of selling sites… (Craigslist,eBay,Amazon,Backpage etc.)
AP is blasting your ads to 100´s of listing & classified sites within minutes.
AdPlotter is introducing an inventory managing software for all channels: eBAY,Amazon and Craigslist shortly.
AP&BVD is offering you a special Coin-Program

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