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Residual Income
Residual Income

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You know how we say “ Once in a lifetime Chance comes well…Once in a lifetime”… Well I think I found mine..

See, I’ve tried working for a living, heck I’ve even tried self employment, being my own Boss.

Here's what I have experienced:
Working for someone… Does not work.!!
The more you learn your JOB the more time they restrain you, the more responsibility they press upon you but in return you don’t make the money your boss does…
They basically tell you when to wake-up, when to brush your teeth when to take a dump..!! They seem to own you because that is what society decided to do and we went along and accepted it.

Well working for myself put a noose around my neck.
I found that the harder I worked I would make the money but you have less private life, you basically have no security for the rest of your life, you cannot get hurt or sick for the rest of your life and … you have no retirement, you basically have to work till your last day on this planet.

They call this the “Rat-Race”, well it is he who has his stuff together and finds out who and how to do this thing called life the right way.

I am not trying to come off as negative or arrogant, I am trying to be straight forward and have an open mind to reality.

If you wanted to get good at golf, would you go to Tiger Woods or your grandma? Do you see my point..?? Everyone knows that it is impossible to teach something you know nothing about, but people seek advise from broke people about how to get rich..??

I have started to realize that if I wanted to change my life , find someone that has the lifestyle I want and seek advise from that person or persons.

I got to checking and I am going to talk in round about numbers…
Approximately 95% of people are broke and 5% of the people are financially Independent. Of the successful people of the world around 2% are born rich, 4-7% build there wealth from ground up the rest of the people (just over 90%) use proven methods of success and literally succeed. Have you noticed the pattern that I noticed… Successful people do what successful people do, broke people do what broke people do..!! (Genius!!)

What if you had a chance to cruise (like I have been) with these Millionaires and got “THE” inside look on how they built there fortune. Would you be interested? I was for sure and I asked a lots of questions.
Well I found out the “life-changing Formula” for sure… They are so simple, logical and doable you would crack-up.!!

The first thing I noticed is in the way Rich people think, you know… “the cup half empty or half full”. What if I said that all you have to do is change the way you think and you can have wealth beyond your imagination.! Successful people have a very positive outlook on situations, they do not dwell on the problem –they concentrate on the solution…so on and so forth ( I am not going to go though the principles of success, but if you are interested you can read on it eg. “Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie etc.)
Yes, it takes practice… obviously we all have a habit of growing broke!! And that is what we need to change, our daily habits. The next thing that is probably the biggest thing is “HOW” the rich people make their money. When an ordinary guy thinks about increasing income we tend to think of what job we can do or how much more work we can squeeze in.
Well the rich never think on how to work harder…they think on how to work smarter. The rich think how they can do a job once and get paid for that effort month after month – year after year. I have been hanging with people that have been doing just that, and have been a learning experience for me.
I think of it this way, if Tiger Woods is willing to teach you how to play golf, would you Question his means? Would you analyze and try and coach him..??!! Probably Not..!! If a multi-millionaire was to coach you how to make a fortune wouldn’t you just do it his way… the proven way..?? I have found that proven way, the way for an average guy like myself to have the nice things in life, be able to be with my kids when I choose, wake-up when I’m done sleeping, having 6-Saturdays and one Sunday every week, the bottom line… to be able to do what I want to do in life without the limitations of money or time… Like the millionaires have.

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2/22/2012  Residual Income