posted on: 8/23/2011 5:00:39 PM EST
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Today’s marketer, retailer, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or anyone who has or is thinking about having an on line business is NUTS about software.

There are so many push button or set and forget scams – seems that not only are the developers looking to make a quick buck selling a product that doesn’t work but the marketers are also jumping on that quick buck bandwagon.

Yes, the internet has changed how we do business. Last night I had a Facebook chat with a friend of mine who I talk to everyday on the telephone. We had never done a FB chat – That should have been my first clue.

Yes, FB has a horrible Trojan once again. This time it is starting chat conversations with you, apparently offers a link – then WHAM! You’re infected too!
I guess I have always wondered why people with so much talent don’t use that talent for good. Does anyone remember “Two Weeks Notice” – Sandra Bullock – I think she said a similar line – to use that power/wealth for good.

Fortunately for those of us in the IBO community, we do use our talents, experiences and knowledge for good. Just look at what Paul Williams has given us!

I will admit that I and a few of my “close associates” have gone after the next bright shiny thing – AUTOMATED software. Some works – some doesn’t – It all depends on how fast certain sites change out to block – and how credible and reputable the developers are.
I have found a pretty reliable developer – and his stuff works in all niches and for any type of business. Here are two gifts for you to try:

Use it or don’t –that is a very nice part of marketing – when a business doesn’t depend on someone ELSE doing something. Go and use your talents for GOOD today!

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