posted on: 2/28/2012 8:39:06 AM EST
How to Delete Your Google History Before it is Shared EVERYWHERE
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I ran across this information on how to delete your Google history before it is stored and shared. As marketers or businesses, you may or may not care what is shared, individually you may feel differently. Though I can't say that this will wipe and protect all your information, it is at the very least recommended by "experts" in the field. YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS BY MARCH 1, 2012!!!!!

Google's new privacy policy is set to take effect on March 1. Time is running out for Google users to DELETE their search histories before that data is automatically shared across all of Google's platforms.

Under Google's new privacy policy, user data from all Google-owned sites and products -- including YouTube, Gmail, Google+, Blogger, and Google's search engine -- will be consolidated and shared across those sites.

So a Google user's search-engine queries will be used to determine what advertisements appear when a user accesses Gmail. The data will also be used to create customized search results.

The policy change will give Google access to data that some users may consider personal, such as location, age, and interests. Search terms and Internet activity can also reveal a user's religion, health issues, and sexual orientation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation points out.

But there is a way to DELETE a user's Google web history. It is reported that IF a user's web history is removed before March 1, that data will not be shared as part of Google's new privacy policy.

Here is how to delete your Google web history:

to your Google account.
Go to .
Click "Remove all Web History" and click "OK."

This must be done to all Google accounts for which a user doesn't want his/her information shared.

Still, the process doesn't fully "delete" a user's web history. Rather, if a user chooses to "remove" his/her web history, Google will only use that data for internal purposes; it will not be shared with advertisers or across other Google sites as part of the new Google privacy policy. So they say.

Again, how effective no one can say for sure. But it seems like you will be able to start with a cleaner slate than if you don't Delete your Google history from all your Google owned accounts.

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Steve Vicky Bruce   1443 day(s) ago
Kimberly, I thank you for this info, We put our Google account on pause. Will this work? Thank You! Off to share your posts. Make it a fabulous day in the IBO neighborhood!

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