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Are you "Successful?"
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A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. ~David Brinkley

I found David Brinkley's statement to be so applicable to anyone in sales, direct sales/marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and "team building" (formerly known as MLM.)

Though each of us has a different definition of "success" - it all starts with the foundation. Those who can get beyond the "no's," the "quitters," and the "nay-sayers" (the bricks) are the ones who do find success.

We do need to learn from others - what works - what doesn't. Most of all, we need to steel ourself -to take the bricks and build a foundation. We need to be focused and not distracted by those who have their own limited vision of "success."

This means that we toughen up, we learn to overcome objections, we learn our product lines, our companies, our industry. We come armed with facts and figures, and more...we come armed with passion- knowing we have a solution to someone else's problem.

If the customer has a broken machine and we have widgits which will fix it - then we have a solution to the customer's problem - sell them the widgit!

If the client has a limited budget- then show him/her the cost savings and advantages of your product line.

Everyday we meet or have the opportunity to meet someone (aka prospect) who has a problem we can solve. The will either see we have a solution or they will throw a brick. Either way start building your foundation.

Do a brief replay in your mind. Think about what you can do better with the next prospect. Talk or role play with your sponsor, upline, or sales manager...and then move on. Improve everyday by building on that foundation. But you must do it everyday.

I know several people that keep a kind of journal - Jim Rohn recommends it. It is a great way to be able to look back and see your progress and the strength of that foundation you are building.

When I first started in sales, I was selling steel to sheet metal houses. Thank goodness those days are behind me! I was the cold-calling queen and it was done the old fashioned way - phone books and industrial directories. I had set working hours 8-5 with an hour for lunch.

At the office, feeling chained to the desk....well what else was a gal new to sales to do? I picked up the phone! There were thousands of calls in which I heard: not interested, take me off your list, we don't use steel, how did you get this number, we already get good pricing, and my favorite - "Honey, I'm not going to buy anything from you but your welcome to stop by so I can see what you look like." (Yes, the steel industry in those days was a little bit of a good ol' boys club.) I eventually made a game of it.. a kind of "I dare you to tell me no... no I can't send you information, no I can't quote your next job, no I can't make an appointment to see your operations,!"

That was my foundation, my bricks. Because of my stick-to-itivism there were good calls. I learned how to get better. When I did, those good calls turned into orders and many of those orders turned into long time customers, and those customers became my friends. Ultimately, those customers helped me start my own steel company. The steel market has changed dramatically-because manufacturing has decreased substantially in the USA. (Another brick)

Again, what is a gal to do?? The foundation is still there. Businesses are still there. Individuals with a desire to be more than a cog in a wheel, an employee working a job for peanuts knowing he/she can do better are still there. I took what I already knew - mixed in some new product lines in an industry which is growing. I am strengthening the foundation.

How about you? What are you doing with your bricks? There are lots of opportunities - which is right for you?

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