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+ “And now we get to the part of the meeting/discussion that everyone has been waiting for; how we get paid? As we
look at the LifeVantage compensation plan we can see that there are 7 ways to earn money: 1) Retail, 2) Personal Rebate,
3) Fast Start Bonus, 4) Fast Start Bonus Pool, 5) Unilevel Commission, 6) 30% Generational Matching Bonus, and,
7) 4% Leadership Pool.”
+ “Because most of you are just starting out in this new business venture, we will briefly mention most of these payout opportunities,
but discuss in more detail those that you need to better understand as you start your LifeVantage business!”
+ “Retailing is important as you find those prospects that want to try the product, but are not interested in the business
opportunity. They buy the product at wholesale and sell it at retail. The difference is their profit. Example: They buy
Protandim at $30 and sell it for $40. Their profit is $10.” (Retailing can be important as you go along because the purchases
of your retail customers count towards your PV and your PV qualifications. We will talk about PV in more detail
in a minute.”)
Personal Rebate [paid monthly]
+ “The Personal Rebate is easy to understand. You will receive a personal rebate for all PV in excess of 200 PV. For example,
if the total of your personal purchases and those of your retail customers is 300 PV, you will receive a personal
rebate of $10 or 10% of the 100 PV that exceeded the threshold 200 PV.”

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