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Is information that I find on the internet (by Googling) reliable
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Is information that I find on the internet (by Googling) reliable?

A: The internet can be a fantastic source of high quality information, but it is also a place where anyone can say anything they chose about any subject. There is no fact-checking for blog posts, and the ignorant and uninformed have the same right to speak their mind as the world’s experts, on any topic. So use a little common sense. If you want the most reliable medical information, it is all at your disposal at the PubMed database website, provided by the National Library of Medicine. Just go to and type in your search parameters. Type “Protandim” and hit Search and you will see all the peer-reviewed studies that have been published so far. Click on any publication that turns up, and you will see a summary (abstract) of the study, and you may have access to the full paper as a PDF file. Type in “oxidative stress cancer” and you will find more than 8,300 papers on the topic. (You may need a PhD to fully understand the papers, but you will be surprised at how much you can understand from a well-written abstract.)

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Allen Daniels   1566 day(s) ago
I agree that the information gathered from the web is NOT reliable. You can put out any information seo it and suddenly you are an expert. Good content, and a nice reminder to not read to much into most information you find on the web.

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