posted on: 1/8/2012 11:50:14 PM EST
Retirement Plan
duplicated, increase, RESIDUAL Income

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Dr. Fran Wrote have just completed my first 12 months with ONE24, and WOW what a year. I am so grateful for a business model that truly enables ordinary people to achieve Financial Security in 24 months, and for such a wonderful, committed and delightful group who are doing just that. People ask me why I am so excited about ONE 24. I want to share the statistics from this period, which may provide an answer:

1.) I enrolled a total of 16 people personally, 5 of whom have quit.

2.) Those 11 duplicated to 1088 PCs of which 946 ordered product in December, an increase of 8600% in active PCs.

3.) This represents 87% RETENTION for the entire 12 month period! Astronomical

4.) I earned a total of $28,206.49 in RESIDUAL Income on a Total Cost of $1073, an astounding ROI of 2527%.

5.) My monthly residual per person per month is $5.43 with the Platinum Bonus; $2.80 without it--- astronomical

6.) At the same rate of duplication, next December, I will have 81,356 ordering PCs. At just $2.80 residual income per person that will be $227,796.80 per month. Of course, I’ll be limited to $200,000 max. OH DARN!!!

This program works folks. The Company is not perfect, but none are. Focus on what is good and work towards your goals for yourself.

I want to repeat here an earlier training, updated with current commission histories, to drive home the value of patience in life and in ONE24 in particular.

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