posted on: 2/6/2012 2:43:41 PM EST
STD - Scared to death
opportunity, cheapest thing, Financial trouble,

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STD - Scared to death
Most people "buy price"
When looking at an opportunity,
Rather than looking at value.

People who buy price have no vision
And are only interested in the cheapest
Deal they can find.

Instead ...

They should be more interested in the OUTCOME.

The "cheapest thing"
Is usually just that ------------ CHEAP!

I have people calling me,
Who are in the age ranges of 35 to 65?
Who tell me that they are in serious
Financial trouble and can't even get
Their hands on $500.

How in the world is that possible?
You've been working pretty much all
Of your adult life and you're telling me
That you can't even walk into the bank and
Pull out $500 dollars if you got into a jam?

If that's true, you have NO CHOICE

Because all it would take is for life to throw you
An unexpected curve ball and you'd be in some
Serious trouble. You're on the hunt right now,
For a solution to your problems, and don't really
Know how to pick a winner, but I've got answers...

You don't have to join my program, but you need
to come to grips with this right now ......

When your income is ONLY PAYING THE BILLS
And it doesn't allow you to save any extra cash
This is the result
You will end up being in a position where you are
Working solely to pay bills and that is a depressing
Situation to be in.

Especially because if you lose your job,
You’ll have nothing extra to carry you until you find
a NEW income.

And who knows how long that will take.
Be smart and keep your options open.
Be smart and take control of your future.

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