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Did you get online for a friendship presence or business presence?
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Hi everyone, So did you get online to be able to make yourself some money? Or did you get online to make a bucket load of friends from all over the world? Or did you get online just to be able to chat with mates and keep in touch with them when you could?

Well i got on mainly to try and make some money with some online programs, and it turns out you can do all of that and not have to sacrifice any of them. I was looking for a Facebook group where people liked to chat and be friends and still use it as a base to try and make some money.

I found it, it is a group called Ready Built Downline and they are at and they are a great bunch of over 1400 people and we all chat and they even have a small program setup where you (if u live in USa or Canada) help each other by providing a helping hand with things. I joined about 6 months or so ago, and the plan was when they were big enough they would also join multiple opportunities online to try and build a large money making presence and be the next big thing. Well today that has started, now at over 1400 people we have just joined Xooma which is a large US company that provides some great autoship products for a reasonable cost. So the plan is for thousands (yes you heard that right) of us to all join and get ourselves some great products and build an absolutely huge business.

It is not an expensive outlay. So if you want to, come on over to the facebook group and have a chat, or you can go to the link above which will take you to the promo website where you can fill in your contact details, or if you want you can message me.

There is no cost to hope into the facebook group, or to send your details through and we can tell you more about it. So come and see how we can help you too.


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