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How to Delete Your Browsing History
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Deleting your browsing history is important for all those who use computers but it has a special significance for internet marketers and those who run an on-line business, as they depend on their computers. Your browsing history is significant because it is created by your operating system and every item that you view on the internet is saved on your hard disk drive. This is there to assist you because when you go back to that page it can be loaded from your hard drive rather than from the internet, which makes it much quicker. The down side to this is that over time space is taken up on your computer; so it is useful to do some housekeeping and clear your history every now and again. This also helps with privacy, as it prevents someone from checking which sites you have visited.

There are various ways of going about this depending on the operating system you use. Before you delete files, it is a good idea to check what is listed in your history.

If you are using Internet Explorer to view your files you will need to:

1. Click on the tools icon, in the top right hand corner, (just under the “x” which closes the
page). Or use “Alt + X”.
2. Choose “Internet Options”.
3. Then “Settings”, which is under the “Browsing history” section.
4. Click on the “View files” button to bring up a list of your history.

To delete the files:

1. Click on the tools icon.
2. Choose “Safety” from the drop down list
3. Click on “Delete browsing history”.
4. This will bring up a list of options and you need to place a tick against items you wish to
remove. (If you are unsure of what to delete click on the “About deleting browsing
history” link for assistance).
5. Click on the “delete” button at the bottom of the section.

If you are using Google Chrome, check your history by clicking on the icon that resembles a “wrench”, which is on the top right hand side of the page and click on the “history” option.

To delete the history:

1. Click on the “wrench”, and choose “history”.
2. Click on “Clear all browsing data” near the top left of the page.
3. Tick “Clear browsing history”.
4. Use the drop down menu to choose how much history you wish to delete. Choosing “the
beginning of time” will delete everything.
5. Click on ““Clear browsing data”.

You can also delete items from your desktop:

1. Click on “Start”
2. Choose “Control Panel”, followed by “Internet Options”.
3. Under the “General” tab look for the “Browsing history” section.
4. Click on the “delete” button.
5. Tick “History” and “Download History”. (You also have the option to delete other items).
6. Click on delete and wait for the system to complete the deletions.

So choose whichever method is relevant for your operating system but the most important point is that deleting your browsing history, is rather like clearing out a drawer. It makes it much easier and quicker for your computer to find your items and anything that speeds up your working day will always be welcome.

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Julie Klein   1083 day(s) ago
This is a great reminder for us all. There are definite advantages to clearing your history PLUS cookies & cache. I'll post this on Pinterest & Twitter.
Barbara Blevins   1093 day(s) ago
This is a great help for many internet marketers Lesley ! Sharing this for you - have a good weekend.
Marlene Harris   1095 day(s) ago
This is info that all internet users should be aware of, but many are not! Thanks for sharing Lesley!
Shiva Kumar   1095 day(s) ago
thank you for sharing the useful information lesley.
Sabrina Tutt    1095 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing this important information, especially if people share computers.

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